Jeff Jarrett Has 1st WWE RAW Match in Almost 20 Years, Sets A Unique Record…

Approximately 19 years, 4 months and 8 days prior from this week’s edition on RAW on Monday, Jeff Jarrett wrestled his final match on the red-brand as part of a tag team match where he and Tom Prichard were defeated by Chyna and Debra on the September 27, 1999 edition of Raw Is War. His last WWE match would be at that year’s No Mercy pay-per-view in a blow-off losing the Intercontinental Championship in a Good Housekeeping match. While Jarrett made an appearance on the January 28th edition of RAW (where Elias prevented he and Road Dogg attempting to sing “With My Baby Tonight”), and this year’s Men’s Royal Rumble match, he finally had a match against Elias on this past Monday’s episode of RAW. In the process, he set a new record; AIN’T HE GREAT?!?!

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The Spark of a Moment in the Diamond Dallas Page/”Macho Man” Randy Savage Rivalry…



back in 1997, World Championship Wrestling was at the height of its popularity, thanks to the rise of the New World Order and their tensions with the rest of the WCW roster. While the headlining (and, in the minds of many, the top) rivalry in WCW was Sting’s crusade to knock Hollywood Hogan down a peg, another, more personal, physical and bitter rivalry was taking place between Diamond Dallas Page and “Macho Man” Randy Savage. In fact, shortly after Savage joined the nWo, he physically attacked DDP and verbally attacked DDP’s then-wife, Kimberly, and after that, all bets were off. In fact, DDP had already had history with the New World Order before going head-to-head with Savage, as he was a former tag team partner of BOTH nWo co-founders Kevin Nash and Scott Hall. He was initially felt slighted when Hall and Nash recruited others into the nWo before him, but when DDP was about to be inducted, he turned them down — in spectacular fashion — and immediately became a target. Continue reading “The Spark of a Moment in the Diamond Dallas Page/”Macho Man” Randy Savage Rivalry…”

Razor Ramon vs. Owen Hart: WWE King of the Ring, 1994

At WrestleMania X, Owen Hart defeated his brother Bret Hart in a classic, five-star-quality match that kicked off the show, and it became a defining win of Owen’s career to that point as it immediately lifted him into becoming a top main event heels in WWE.  However, Owen had little time to revel in his victory, as he would watch Bret celebrate his second WWE Championship win in the show’s main event, and feeling as if he was back in his big brother’s shadow. If probably didn’t help that at the same show, Razon Ramon made history with “The Heartbreak Kid” Shawn Michaels by becoming the undisputed WWF Intercontinental Champion in a classic and very memorable ladder match (which was NOT the first ladder match in WWE). Continue reading “Razor Ramon vs. Owen Hart: WWE King of the Ring, 1994”

Owen Hart vs. Marty Jones on ‘World of Sport’

In 1987 (just before the WWE made its way to the United Kingdom), the late-great Owen Hart — youngest brother of WWE Hall-of-Famer Bret “Htiman” Hart — was supplementing his time in Canada’s Stampede Wrestling promotion with tours of Japan and Europe. On April 25th of that year, he and Marty Jones wrestled for Joint Promotions’ vacant world mid-heavyweight championship title on the popular World of Sport program. Competing under British wrestling rules, the wrestlers could go 12 three-minute rounds until one of them either scored two falls or submissions, or was knocked out. Each wrestler carried their country’s flag to the ring, and due to Hart’s hometown of Calgary’s western tradition, he wore a cowboy hat and came to the ring as “Bronco Owen Hart.” Continue reading “Owen Hart vs. Marty Jones on ‘World of Sport’”

WWE: Wrestler Conversations During Matches

Part of the process of putting on a match in professional wrestling is to communicate with the other wrestler(s) you’re working with.  That form of communication can be non-verbal (as in acting-reacting based on the flow of the match and on what feels right) and the more-common verbal communication (discussing what the next series of moves, spots, and even breaks during the course of a … Continue reading WWE: Wrestler Conversations During Matches

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Social Design with Quantel Paintbox in a ZombiU Strap Match – WIRed #22

This week on episode 22 of WIRed, the Public Interest Design Institute Asks Architects to Tackle Social Needs, a Quantel Paintbox Demo from 1990, ZombiU is the Longest-Delayed Game Sequel Ever (NOT Duke Nukem Forever) & Pro Wrestling’s Strap Match — without the dirty stuff…maybe.   Continue reading “Social Design with Quantel Paintbox in a ZombiU Strap Match – WIRed #22”

Pro Wrestling’s Strap Match (without the dirty stuff…)

In professional wrestling the strap match is known by many other names and is performed with many slight variations.  You can say that this is a case where something could have multiple personalities, and not have to be committed to a mental institution  Essentially, the match has both competitors placed on the opposite ends of a restraint (that being a rope, leather strap, chain, bullrope, etc.) in order to keep them in close physical proximity. The rules of the match are of such: the strap—as well as anything attached to it—are legal for use as weapons, and the most common rule for winning is that one wrestler has to touch all four corners of the ring (either the top turnbuckles or ring posts) in sequential order without stopping.  Some match rules include the possibility of winning via pinfall, and due to the legality of using the strap as a weapon (often as a choking device — SEE LEFT), submissions are usually not allowed.   Continue reading “Pro Wrestling’s Strap Match (without the dirty stuff…)”

Smashed Models Xeroxing Ghouls N Ghosts’ 12-Man Tag Team – WIRed #20

WOO-HOO! TWENTY EPISODES!! This week on WIRed, forget smashing pumpkins – it’s all about SMASHING MODELS, the past, present, and future innovations at Xerox, belated Halloween-themed gaming tunes, and 12-man tag team match MAYHEM! All that and what I’m reading, playing, watching, and listening to this week on WIRed! NUMBERRRRRRRRR!!! TWENTYYYYYYY!!!!   Continue reading “Smashed Models Xeroxing Ghouls N Ghosts’ 12-Man Tag Team – WIRed #20”

Holy Lynx for Lefties! Resistance: Burning Skies Patch adds Left Handed Controls!

Raise you hands if you remember Atari’s 16-bit handheld video game system, the Lynx. Anyone? Hello? Anyone? Oh, ok, good; seven people! Just kidding, but while the Atari Lynx was unable to compete successfully with Nintendo’s Game Boy or even Sega’s Game Gear, it’s most notable feature (undoubtedly) is its ambidextrous layout, allowing switchable right-handed/left-handed control configuration, which has pretty awesome. I haven’t heard much of a big deal about game controls/controllers for my left-handed gamers (though I’m sure many, many exist in any options menu of any first-person shooter) on the other end of the spectrum, but a new patch for the PS Vita game Resistance: Burning Skies will allow an option to utilized left-handed controls.   Continue reading “Holy Lynx for Lefties! Resistance: Burning Skies Patch adds Left Handed Controls!”