PBS Examines the Aesthetics and Culture of 8-Bit Art

Practically anyone who grew up in the 1980’s and early 1990’s *ahem* has some sort of relationship to, and/or memory of 8-bit gaming, whether it was because of the popular Nintendo Entertainment System, or the not-as-popular but still fun Sega Master System. Recently, PBS took a look into the distinct style of 8-bit in their latest video from their Off Book series.  The Evolution of 8-Bit Art gives viewers a look into the genre, including interviews with artists discussing their inspiration, motivation and challenges of working within the medium’s restrictions.  Continue reading “PBS Examines the Aesthetics and Culture of 8-Bit Art”

The (impending) Death of Hudson

“LONG LIVE THE BEE” Hudson Soft (or just “Hudson”), the gaming company popular for the Bomberman, Bonk, and –my personal favorite of the three- Adventure Island series, will be officially absorbed by new parent company, fellow gaming business Konami, on March 1st, 2012. After Hudson’s North American division offices closed down on March 31st of last year (with their final tweet saying “Dear Hudson fans. … Continue reading The (impending) Death of Hudson

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