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Here’s a ‘Grand Theft Auto’ Fan Film Made with LEGO!

Man, it SURE has been a while since The PractitioNERD posted any sort of a LEGO-related story, but I’m glad we could get back on that 1000-piece LEGO train (toot-TOOOOT). With the success of the theatrical LEGO films (The LEGO Movie & The LEGO Batman Movie) and the unlikelyhood of a movie based on the Grand Theft Auto video game series (likely due to the rights to the movie title; THANKS Ron Howard), it’s very evident that these two brands will never officially mesh together. HOWEVER, the lovely concept of fan films DOES exist. YouTube movie maker love Nukazooka latest short brings the two together to create a winning combination.

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Ladies & Gentlemen, A Kendrick Lamar – Super Mario Bros. Mash-Up!

Behold this awesome video game and hip-hop crossover, as Australian Soundcloud user victorylaptop takes the vocals from Kendrick Lamar’s “King Kunta” (from the awesome “To Pimp A Butterfly” album) and mixes them with the classic 8-bit theme of Super Mario Bros. It’s just…so…PERFECT. Also, of course this project needs an awesomely-bad punny title, so “Kendrick Lamario Bros.” it is.

The ‘IMAX’ intro with the ‘Doctor Who’ theme…

Merry Christmas from the Santaur!

I Fell Off My Chair Laughing…