The “Trace” App by Morpholio Lets You Update Construction Design Changes On The Fly!

I recall in my days in the world of architecture as an intern where I’d go to job sites to document existing features, take measurements, and make changes to exiting construction documents on paper and digitally in AutoCAD — or even searching and finding the original construction documents in the school district archives because the school claimed to have lost them; I’m looking at you Alamo Heights ISD.  Anyway, more times than not you’d be on a project site and find  a problem that needed immediate attention. The problem is that once the project heads to the Construction Administration phase is NOT the best time for big design changes, new field conditions, client changes, errors, etc., etc…. Thankfully, Morpholio has updated their TracePro iPhone app, allowing users to alter job sites by simply “importing key components of the design process into the Construction Administration phase.” Continue reading “The “Trace” App by Morpholio Lets You Update Construction Design Changes On The Fly!”

Does Your Car NOT Have Android Auto? Now You Can Just Download the App on Your Phone!

If you’re in the same camp as me that uses Google Maps to navigate everywhere, AND you don’t drive an Android Auto-compatible car, HAVE I GOT A PIECE OF GOOD NEWS FOR YOU! Go download the Android Auto app (for Android 5.0 or higher) it right now to use it on your phone, and it’s freaking awesome! Continue reading “Does Your Car NOT Have Android Auto? Now You Can Just Download the App on Your Phone!”

ArchiLegoChrome, MoviePass, MDGenesis Book & OSW Reviews – WIRed #87

It’s time for Episode 87 of WIRed, where Montez McCrary discusses LEGO, Google Chrome and Architecture to form a Voltron-like Monster of AWESOME, Modern-Day Black History with MoviePass, Experiencing the greatness of the SEGA Genesis/MegaDrive in book-form, and OSW Reviews, the Mystery Science Theater of Pro Wrestling history! Welcome to WIRed, bringing you the nerdy-geekery on architecture, technology, gaming, and pro wrestling. Continue reading “ArchiLegoChrome, MoviePass, MDGenesis Book & OSW Reviews – WIRed #87”

Explore Gotham City’s Architectural Grandeur in 3D!

At midnight tonight, the last chapter of Christopher Nolan’s Batman film series, “The Dark Knight Rises”, premieres in movie theaters everywhere…AND I CAN’T WAIT!!! Anyway, up until then (and very likely to continue after the first release) we have been exposed to a multitude of advertisements, trailers, promotions, water-cooler talk, and online discussions about the film, the characters, the trailers, interviews, and practically anything that has to do with the movie. The idea of the film tie-ins is nothing new (novelizations, video games, web games, etc.) and usually doesn’t offer much new content to better contextualize or expands the film’s narrative; that’s really up to the FILM itself.  Nokia is getting involved in the film tie-in game with these new 3D maps of Gotham City from Nokia, so now you can appreciate the architecture and urban planning of the great metropolis that is under constant surveillance of the Dark Knight himself (if you haven’t played “Batman: Arkham City”, or even its prequel “Batman: Arkham Asylum”; if that’s the case, GET ON THAT NOW).   Continue reading “Explore Gotham City’s Architectural Grandeur in 3D!”