ECW One Night Stand 2005 – Doc’D #16

In this month’s pro wrestling-themed episode of PractitioNERD Documented, or “Doc’D”, host Montez McCrary ventures to the revived land of extreme to discuss the 2005 edition of ECW One Night Stand. Continue reading “ECW One Night Stand 2005 – Doc’D #16”

Cornell’s Amazing Science Island of Manhattan!

Manhattan has something very interesting to look forward to in the next few years. Roosevelt Island will be receiving a state-of-the-art engineering campus extension of Cornell University. Nowadays, it is becoming near impossible to forget this tiny strip of an island named after one of two of the most awesome U.S. Presidents in history that lies between Manhattan and Queens (F.Y.I., it’s named after Franklin Delano Roosevelt, a.k.a., “American Ironsides,” a.k.a. “Mr. New Deal” a.k.a “Senor Got-Us-Out-Of-The-Great Depression,” a.k.a “Our Fearless WW2 Leader).
Continue reading “Cornell’s Amazing Science Island of Manhattan!”

Guesthouse? This is a GUESTHOUSE? Niiice!

Again, this…is…the guesthouse! Three years after completion of the Tsai Residence, the homeowners approached the HHF team (known for using what already exists at a site as a source of inspiration) and Ai Weiwei to commission a guesthouse.  The main residence is a country house built for two art collectors along a wooded slope in upstate New York, two hours away from Manhattan. The guesthouse only needed three main elements: a bedroom, a workroom and a gallery for the two collectors’ art.   Continue reading “Guesthouse? This is a GUESTHOUSE? Niiice!”

Artsy, Beautiful Stained-Plexiglas Watertower Lights Up the Brooklyn Skyline

Check out this lovely watertower by Brooklyn artist Tom Fruin called, surprise-surprise, Watertower. This 25′ by 10′ patchwork watertower structure stands at 14-foot-tall, and is made from 1,000 pieces of salvaged plexiglas from New York and steel from Pennsylvania.  It currently rests on top of a building that houses the artist’s studios at 120 Jay Street in DUMBO (Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass), Brooklyn. Starting on June 7th (that’s tomorrow), the … Continue reading Artsy, Beautiful Stained-Plexiglas Watertower Lights Up the Brooklyn Skyline

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