The Raumplan House by Alberto Campo Baeza

© Javier Callejas Sevilla

The Raumplan House in Aravaca, Madrid, Spain is situated on a sloping plot with a landscape of distant horizon along the town’s western mountain range, which is well-viewed from Camarines. The concrete house, with rooftops planted with jasmine and vines, has its more public areas located at the upper levels to take advantage of the stunning, local views. Local regulations required the design team to work with a square ground plan of 12×12 m, the team devised a “2+2+2 is much more than 6” design proposal, dividing the plan into four 6×6 m squares, as well as raising the ground planes — square by square –with a simple helicoidal movement. Continue reading “The Raumplan House by Alberto Campo Baeza”

This Prefab Portable Home is Nicer Than Your Prefab Portable Home…

These prefabricated houses made at northern Spain’s CNC (computer numerical control) mill factory are called “ÁPH80,” and are designed by architect Camino Alonso, the co-owner of architectural firm Ábaton. The prefab homes are compact 29.5 by 9.84 feet units that can be carried inside a truck and deployed to the final (read temporary) site wtithin 20 minutes. The houses themselves are made of CNC-milled grey cement-board panels that are then locked together, providing a “sleek exterior” while still featuring a ventilated façade.  The layers contained on the exterior come with 10 centimeters of insulation to make the prefab home thermally efficient—which is useful for those who wish to be “off the grid” — so even without an air conditioning unit on a very hot Madrid day, the home’s interior stays relatively cool. Continue reading “This Prefab Portable Home is Nicer Than Your Prefab Portable Home…”

Forest Cabin DIY LoJacks Madden to Coach Indy Memes – WIRed #81

It’s time for Episode 81 of WIRed, where Montez McCrary discusses simple Spanish forest cabins, DIY Lo Jacks for your car, using Madden to get a job, and celebrating the indies! Welcome to WIRed, bringing you the nerdy-geekery on architecture, technology, gaming, and pro wrestling. Continue reading “Forest Cabin DIY LoJacks Madden to Coach Indy Memes – WIRed #81”

The Aluminum House of Madrid, Spain

Picture this: you have a consolidated landscape that is surrounded by various gardens containing large and tall trees located within the metropolis of Madrid, Spain. What do you do? Would you camp there? Erect a forest cabin getaway? Or, house about using this area as the fortunate and opportune starting point of buildings an aluminum house.  Architects Fran Silvestre, Jordi Martínez, María José Sáez of  Fran Silvestre Arquitectos — with help from fellow architects Fran Ayala, Ángel Fito designed this metallic and horizontal slab, which technically only has the use of one story. Continue reading “The Aluminum House of Madrid, Spain”

This 360 House Goes Around-and-Around-and-Around-and-Around……

What you see is the 30 House, located in Galapagar, Madrid, Spain, and desinged by architecture firm Subarquitectura.  This project began a an attempt to solve the problem of creating a house with a public program of social relation, maintaining the large family’s private life, and have it located on a sloped area of land with great views. The result came when Subarquitectura arranged the house to … Continue reading This 360 House Goes Around-and-Around-and-Around-and-Around……

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