Forest Cabin DIY LoJacks Madden to Coach Indy Memes – WIRed #81

It’s time for Episode 81 of WIRed, where Montez McCrary discusses simple Spanish forest cabins, DIY Lo Jacks for your car, using Madden to get a job, and celebrating the indies! Welcome to WIRed, bringing you the nerdy-geekery on architecture, technology, gaming, and pro wrestling. Continue reading “Forest Cabin DIY LoJacks Madden to Coach Indy Memes – WIRed #81”

Wanna Coach College Football? Cite “Madden” As Experience!

Well, I guess you can’t say that playing video games CAN’T get you anywhere in the “real world” now! Christopher McComas confidently believes that, thanks to years of playing the Madden and NCAA Football franchises on Sega Genesis and PlayStation consoles, he can lead the University of North Dakota to college football immortality. His coaching philosophy? “Chuck the pigskin.” Chuck it some more. “Never Punt.” Relentless defense.  What it comes down to is that McComas found the vacant position on Twitter indicating that UND was looking for a new head football coach and thought to himself, I’m going to have some fun with them. He wrote this letter to UND athletic director Brian Faison expressing his interest in the position and provided his qualifications, said years of playing Madden and NCAA Football. Continue reading “Wanna Coach College Football? Cite “Madden” As Experience!”

EA Pre-E3 Press Conference (4/3PM CST)

Live video by Ustream

Electronic Arts (EA) gets ready to unveil its next-generation of games with news on Battlefield 4, FIFA, Madden, NBA Live, NHL, Need for Speed, Star Wars and much more. Tune in for the EA E3 2013 Press Conference today, June 10th at 4PM/3PM CST! Continue reading “EA Pre-E3 Press Conference (4/3PM CST)”

Daily Top 5 of the 2012 E3/Electronic Entertainment Expo (Day 2/4)

DAY 2 (June 5th, 2012)

Aloha, fellow gamers!! This is the time of year that we all look forward to on the yearly gaming calendar (next to the dates of certain game releases we are looking forward to) is the annual Electronic Entertainment Expo, also known as “E3.” This year, the conference takes place at the Los Angeles Convention Center in Los Angeles, California. As with CES 2012 and the AIA 2012 Convention, I will be doing this for the rest of E3, and now that day two of E3 2012 is complete, I wish to provide a few briefs about my five favorite stories made today at the show.

Continue reading “Daily Top 5 of the 2012 E3/Electronic Entertainment Expo (Day 2/4)”