“Oases” Pays Tribute To A Grandfather Lost In a Plane Crash

Beautiful Game Pays Tribute To Grandfather Lost In a Plane Crash

This is Oases, a game about flying along the pulsing music and beautiful colors appearing all around you. The game comes off as simplistic, personal, and it serves as an interpretation of what may have happened to the developer’s grandfather after his plane disappeared back in 1960.

The game’s designer, Armel Gibson, gives the full setup:

“My grandfather’s plane was reported lost in 1960 during the Algeria Independence War, days before the birth of his first child. This is what I like to think happened to him.”

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‘Fist of Jesus,’ an Over-the-Top, Historically INaccurate & Fun Brawler

I’m going out on a limb to say that Spain-based Mutant Games’ “Fist of Jesus” is probably historically inaccurate, at the very least. I’ve read the Bible a few times and I don’t recall reading about Jesus Christ and Judas Iscariot fighting off hordes of zombies a’la an arcade-style beat-em-up with a swordfish, pulled-off body parts, a big cross and exploding farts.  Personally, this games both looks and feels like a mash-up of Monty Python’s Life of Brian — complete with low-budget special effects — and gory films like the Toxic Avenger. I guess the lesson is that if you’re going to do something completely wacky, you might as well go ALLLLL the way wacky.

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Plywood OnePlus New/Old Twins – WIRed #120


It’s time for Episode 120 of WIRed, where Montez McCrary discusses a house that predominantly showcases plywood, how you can get a OnePlus One phone, how one game is really TWO games, and the reveal of the Brothers Hebner in WWF! Welcome to WIRed, bringing you the nerdy-geekery on architecture, technology, gaming, and pro wrestling. Continue reading “Plywood OnePlus New/Old Twins – WIRed #120”

Apple Extending Its Free Recycling Program to ALL Used Products

In an endeavor that is already in progress, all Apple company stores are accepting ANY Apple product for recycling at NO CHARGE, and if the product is resalable, they will offer you some store credit (i.e., Apple Gift Cards) to give customers more incentive to “trade-in”.  Apple CEO Tim Cook declared in a prior shareholder’s meeting that the company should “leave the world better than we found it”, and in an Associated Press interview, Lisa Jackson — Apple VP of Environmental Initiatives (and former EPA administrator) — stated that the company wants to “use all our innovation and all of our expertise to make the planet more secure and make the environment better.” Continue reading “Apple Extending Its Free Recycling Program to ALL Used Products”

Love PhotoShop? Don’t Have The $$$? Here’s Some Alternatives!

I love using Adobe PhotoShop (my old, er, “classic” CS3 version of it); it allows me to touch-up photos, create graphical designs from scratch or translate them from sketches, and creating presentation images and graphics. However, for most of the population, PhotoShop offers WAY TOO MANY features to explore and wade through, and it costs WAY TOO MUCH money (moolah, cash, coin, duckets, paper, Benjamins) to spend, and is likely too complicated to use for normal, minimal tasks. Well, that’s what you have The PractitioNERD is here for, and we’re going to share my three favorite of the best and powerful (and CHEAP) alternatives to Adobe PhotoShop that still have tons of features. Continue reading “Love PhotoShop? Don’t Have The $$$? Here’s Some Alternatives!”

Turn Old-School Apple Floppy Drive into an External HDD Enclosure

Just curious: you any of you Apple fans out there still have a old-school Mac lying around, collecting dust. If you do, have you been trying to find a way to make good use of that floppy drive that died long ago (and I actually mean FLOPPY, not those 3.5” so-called “floppy” disks)? Well then, you can take that useless (formerly useless now) external “floppy” drive from Apple (or Commodore 64’s ACTUAL floppy drive, or whatever) and exchange its innards with that of an external HDD to give your modern storage solution a vintage and retro look!   Continue reading “Turn Old-School Apple Floppy Drive into an External HDD Enclosure”

Simple Network HD-DVR with Simple.TV

In the quest of more devices to prepare for the possibility to live a cable/satellite-free entertainment life (as cable TV time has been replaced by video games and streaming media for me), one aspect is to buy an affordable computer to use as a home theater PC (HTPC) and a digital video recorder (DVR).  For just one TV, having a HTPC with DVR capabilities is not much of a hassle, but with a home with over 5 TV’s, 5 HTPC’s (or even TiVo boxes) is pretty steep on the good-ol’ wallet.  Thankfully, the Simple.TV offers a simple and fairly cheap solution that can record and stream live TV content.   Continue reading “Simple Network HD-DVR with Simple.TV”

Leaked Images of Apple’s Future “Spaceship” Campus

A new “confidential” image provided to AppleInsider this past Friday purported to be from Apple’s architectural team is identified as “Main Building A3 Office Facade Perspective.”  It offers a closer look at the design project, named “Campus Development,” of the company’s planned “spaceship” campus in Cupertino, Calif.  The design of the building is identical to earlier images provided by the City of Cupertino, showing an artist’s rendition of was Apple’s new large campus would look like, as one of the signature features was the curved glass along the exterior.   Continue reading “Leaked Images of Apple’s Future “Spaceship” Campus”

A “Y”House, Hand Phones, Indie Game Movie & The Art of Wrestling – WIRed #11

This week, this house is brought to you by the letter “Y,” you can soon talk to the hand (literally), behind the scenes on indie game development, and how to be a pro wrestling art snob.
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Can You Name All These Operating Systems?

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