The Lucha Underground Season 2 Trailer

El Rey Network recently released a trailer for season two of Lucha Underground, and I must warn you all that’s it’s FULL of shocking, game-changing spoilers, so if you watch it, know that going in. Also, if you love the show and it’s first season, then watching this trailer may result in the crapping your pants. Figured I’d let you know; I’m looking out for you, internet… Continue reading “The Lucha Underground Season 2 Trailer”

Los Gringos Locos, the BEST Heel Faction in Mexican Wrestling History!


Ten years ago, the great Eddie Guerrero was taken away from us far too soon. Rather than writing up a memorial post, I wanted to focus on a particular party of his career that’s rarely discussed. That said, let’s go back to 1993 (where Eddie’s career really started taking off), when he turned on his tag partner El Hijo del Santo (the son of the legendary Mexican folk hero, El Santo) and allied with Art Barr, Konnan and Louie Spicolli (under the name, Madonna’s Boyfriend) to form a full-on heel stable, Los Gringos Locos.
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Bernie Sanders: Candidate, Folk Artist, Democratic Socialist, Lucha Libre-watcher…

It’s always interesting to find out new things about politicians. For one, I’ve known of Senator from Vermont and presidential candidate Bernie Sanders’ stance of democratic socialism and history of involvement in the civil rights movement, but I never knew that he released a folk music album in 1987. Well, Bernie Sanders went to the Latino Heritage Festival in Des Moines, Iowa, on Saturday to watch some lucha libre. No joke. Continue reading “Bernie Sanders: Candidate, Folk Artist, Democratic Socialist, Lucha Libre-watcher…”

The Mexican Government Signed a Historic Healthcare Deal for Pro Wrestlers

President of Mexico City Wrestling El Fantasma and Mexican Health Secretary Dr. Armando Ahued Ortega have signed a historic agreement that could change the entire professional wrestling industry in Mexico. Now, all pro wrestlers (and their families) in Mexico will now be covered by a medical social insurance program. Continue reading “The Mexican Government Signed a Historic Healthcare Deal for Pro Wrestlers”

Indoor Farms Vampiric Vacuum Steam Controls TripleMania – WIRed #69

Welcome to Episode 69 of PractitioNERD WIRed, in which we lay the nitty-gritty, nerdy-geeky on indoor gardens in Japan, a vacuum used to suck out blood clots, the details on the Steam Controller, and the grand-papi of them all, TripleMania! Also, a little more slight hatin’ on Columbus Day… Continue reading “Indoor Farms Vampiric Vacuum Steam Controls TripleMania – WIRed #69”

Forget ‘WrestleMania’; THIS…IS…’TRIPLEMANIA’!!

Being a pro wrestling fan and a Texan, I hear an awful lot about lucha-libre wrestling, and I manage to watch it (particularly the AAA) on television on the local stations.  As part of promoting shows, I saw a lot of ads for an annual event called TripleMania.  Triplemanía is the biggest annual professional wrestling event promoted by the Asistencia Asesoría y Administración (or the aforementioned “AAA”) promotion, and is traditionally held in May or June each year to commemorate the anniversary of the foundation of promotion. The most recent event, Triplemanía XXI, took place on June 16, 2013, at the Mexico City Arena in México City, México — because, well, WHAT OTHER city or country would the Mexico City Arena be in. A majority of the shows have been pay-per-view events, with only a few shown as television specials. The show has been promoted for 20 years, with 27 shows in total under the Triplemanía banner, due to some Triplemanías being held as a series of two or three shows per year, but it has been a single show in recent years. The name is a combination of how “AAA” is pronounced in Spanish, “Triple A” and WrestleMania, WWE’s biggest annual show. Continue reading “Forget ‘WrestleMania’; THIS…IS…’TRIPLEMANIA’!!”

Pro Wrestling Memes, Volume 1

The more things change, the more they stay the same…

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