http://blip.tv/practitionerd/louvers-rebel-copter-sega-pluto-tv-titles-wired-45-6581426 This week on Episode 45 (wow) of WIRed, I talk about louvers, louvers, LOUVERS, a Confederate Army helicopter, the existence of the SEGA Pluto, and the world championship…of TELEVISION. Also, SWEEPING. ———————————— ARCHITECTURE: https://thepractitionerd.com/2013/04/29/louvers-vertical-louvers-all-over-nothing-but-louvers TECHNOLOGY: https://thepractitionerd.com/2013/04/30/check-this-crazy-confederate-copter GAMING: https://thepractitionerd.com/2013/05/01/get-your-own-sega-pluto-console-not-really PRO WRESTLING: https://thepractitionerd.com/2013/05/02/respect-the-wcw-world-television-championship-son ———————————— BLOG: thepractitionerd.com FACEBOOK: facebook.com/ThePractitioNERD TWITTER: twitter.com/PractitioNERD PINTEREST: pinterest.com/PractitioNERD INSTAGRAM: instagram.com/PractitioNERD GOOGLE+: gplus.to/ThePractitioNERD TUMBLR: thepractitionerd.tumblr.com FLICKR: flickr.com/pages/ThePractitioNERD ———————————— The PractitioNERD Store: http://www.thepractitionerdstore.blogspot.com & … Continue reading LOUVERS! REBEL COPTER! SEGA PLUTO! TV TITLES! – WIRed #45

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LOUVERS! Vertical Louvers All Over! NOTHING BUT LOUVERS!

Are you unaware of what louvers are?  Would you like me to explain what they are to you? Are you annoyed that I keep asking questions, wasting time being funny, and sidetracking myself from just saying what louvers are? Well congratulations, I’ll help you out with that problem. Anyway, louvers are essentially a set of shutter-like fin devices that allow or prevent light and air from entering any space.  To the left (to the left…I apologize) is a house in Japan that is, well, more louver than house, but those giant white fins allow shadows to move around the home’s interior — depending on what time of day it is.   Continue reading “LOUVERS! Vertical Louvers All Over! NOTHING BUT LOUVERS!”