Finally, Zaha Hadid’s “Explosive” Drawings, Sketches & Paintings are on display in London

In a recent episode of Section D, Monocle 24 visit a new exhibition at London’s Serpentine Galleries showcasing the paintings of the late architect Zaha Hadid, who I profiled in a past episode of Doc’D. This episode provides an audio tour of the exhibit with additional commentary from the curator of the show. The art show was initially an idea between the gallery and Hadid, as the gallery aimed to … Continue reading Finally, Zaha Hadid’s “Explosive” Drawings, Sketches & Paintings are on display in London

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Behold the World’s Tallest Slide, Coming Soon to London’s ArcelorMittal Orbit Tower

ArcelorMittal Orbit / Anish Kapoor. Image © ArcelorMittal

Anish Kapoor’s ArcelorMittal Orbit Tower in London, which is already the UK’s tallest sculpture at 114 meters tall — originally built for the 2012 London Olympics — will soon be home to the world’s tallest and longest tunnel slide.  According to a report from Metro, the semi-transparent stainless steel tube slide begins its descent 80-meters above ground within the tower’s lattice structure, until spiraling five times before the final 50-meter drop. Bblur architecture and Buro Happold are tasked to design, originally envisioned by the London Legacy Development Corporation as a way to attract more visitors. The slide will open in Spring of 2016, and rides will last about 37 seconds and cost only £5 a ride.
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Plywood OnePlus New/Old Twins – WIRed #120

It’s time for Episode 120 of WIRed, where Montez McCrary discusses a house that predominantly showcases plywood, how you can get a OnePlus One phone, how one game is really TWO games, and the reveal of the Brothers Hebner in WWF! Welcome to WIRed, bringing you the nerdy-geekery on architecture, technology, gaming, and pro wrestling. Continue reading “Plywood OnePlus New/Old Twins – WIRed #120”

The No-So-Flimsy Plywood House

Normally, I wouldn’t want and building I frequently visit (or a house I live in) to be completely made of plywood. NORMALLY. As the title implies, plywood is typically a flimsy material — when NOT supported by other structural elements.  Simon Astridge’s project in the Balham area of London has three extensions and involved the total internal refurbishment of a Victorian terraced house in London, and uses concrete, brickwork, natural stone, the aforementioned plywood, and the sky! Yeah, THE FREAKING SKY….through the use of expansive frameless glazing on the top floors.  There’s a film called ‘Details One’ that explores these materials and how they relate to the home. Continue reading “The No-So-Flimsy Plywood House”

Engineer Leaves NASA Gig to Make Awesomely-Techy Halloween Costumes

Back on August 21st of this year, engineer Mark Rober left his position at NASA in Los Angeles and flew to London, England to become a Halloween costume designer. Yup, you read that right.  Rober himself even said: “I could see the London Eye and I think, ‘what in the world am I doing’. This wasn’t part of the script.” Up until June of this year, Robert was a mechanical engineer at NASA, where he had been for nine years. He spent seven of those years were spent working on the Curiosity Rover project. So, you ask, why the sudden career change? Rober is currently developing wearable tech Halloween costumes and recently sold his company, Digital Dudz, to the British company that makes Morphsuits, where he is now employed.

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Doctor Who Memes?! ALLONS-Y…or…LET’S GO!!!

In anticipation — or just sheer and utter impatience — for the Doctor Who Christmas Special on December 25th (or course), and finally catching up on the mid-season finale with the final appearances of Amy Pond and Rory (still shaking; heck of a moving episode), I wanted to share some of my favorite Doctor Who memes.  But PractitioNERD, what the heck is Dr. Who? Well, first it’s “Doctor” Who, not “Dr.”

Anyway, Doctor Who is a British science fiction television series that aired from 1963 to 1989, before being revived for its contemporary run in 2005. The show chronicles the adventures of a nameless time-travelling, physically regenerating (as 11 actors has portrayed the main character) humanoid alien simply referred to as “The Doctor”. He is believed to be the last remaining survivor of a species known as “The Time Lords.” In each episode, The Doctor, along with different human companions, travel through time and space aboard a ship called the TARDIS (which stands for “Time And Relative Dimension In Space”), which appears to regular people as a vintage blue police box. Due to the near-50-year  history of the show, Doctor Who has gathered a cult following, and in 2006, the show was designated as television’s longest running science fiction series by the Guinness Book of World Records.

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Still Stay Bone-Dry in The Techy/Artsy “Rain Room” in London


“I’m standing in the rain, just standing in the rain, without a coat or umbrella, and I’m still bone-dry….”.

Anyway, the London Barbican Arts Center has recently opened this very impressive new installation that allows visitors to walk right into a room simulating a rain storm, and still NOT GET WET. The creators of the oh-so-cleverly titled “Rain Room,” art studio Random International, use a set of 3D cameras to detect the positions of the people within the space, then turns each of its individual rain streams on or off accordingly. The entire exhibit area covers over 1,000 square feet and uses nearly 220 gallons of water per minute, but allows the total supply of water to be quickly filtered and re-circulated through the system.

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WWF SummerSlam 1992: Bret “The Hitman” Hart vs. “British Bulldog” Davey Boy Smith

Even though the top-billed main event at SummerSlam 1992 from Wembley Stadium in London, England saw then-WWF Champion “Macho Man” Randy Savage defend the title against The Ultimate Warrior, the other main event (and last match of the show) was the Intercontinental Championship match between then-champion Bret “The Hitman” Hart and “The British Bulldog” Davey Boy Smith — gee, I wonder WHO the fan favorite for this match was….. –.  Hart and Smith were brothers-in-law in real-life, as Smith was married to Diana Hart, Bret’s sister. On WWF television broadcasts leading up to their match at SummerSlam, several interviews with Diana and her mother Helen Hart portrayed an image that the family was being torn apart due to the upcoming match. An example included Bruce Hart publicly supporting Smith, while Owen Hart sided with his older brother, Bret. Diana stated that she did not know who she wanted to win the match or side with because she had close ties to both men, but she would finally state that she hoped neither wrestler would get seriously injured.  Continue reading “WWF SummerSlam 1992: Bret “The Hitman” Hart vs. “British Bulldog” Davey Boy Smith”

Musical Olympics, Vizio Set-top Box, THE TOUGHEST GAME & DX Reunion – WIRed #5

On this week’s edition of The PractitioNERD discusses:
1) This Musical Olympic Structure Looks Like Superman’s Fortress of Solitude (
2) D-Generation X Reunites on Last Night’s 1000th Episode of Monday Night RAW!! (
3) Presenting the $99 Vizio Co-Star Google TV set-top box; Pre-Order NOW! (
4) Takeshi’s Challenge is SOOO CHALLENGING; Probably Made by Satan… (
…and the Question of the Week!!

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