John Cena as a League Of Legends Champion Would Be OP x100,000,000…

SPOILER ALERT: John Cena wins!  That especially rings true since Mr. Hustle-Loyalty-Respect can go invisible, owns a shield that can regenerate automatically , and has the ability to use toggle-able passive without needed three stacks to proc.  Did I lose you? Well, the comedy geniuses from YouTube’s Crazy Boris Productions created this nice little spoof of Riot Games’ “Champion Spotlight” videos, typically produced prior to the release of a new champion in their hit game League of Legends. Continue reading “John Cena as a League Of Legends Champion Would Be OP x100,000,000…”

The Dismembering, Freaky Zombie Plush Doll; D’AWWWW!

Oh ThinkGeek, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways….well, forget counting.

This Dismember-Me Zombie Doll is a 12-inch plush doll available at ThinkGeek and only costs about $13. It’s got gore, intestines and the sound of cracking bones when you pull off any of its limbs and head. Actually, there’s really no need to go into any further detail into what this nice little toy is about.   Continue reading “The Dismembering, Freaky Zombie Plush Doll; D’AWWWW!”

Poke-Calculus 101

Yes, I essentially “LOL’ed” (SEE BELOW) at the sight of this.  Maybe the trainer should divide by zero, or use “d/dy”?  Oh well… Also, I don’t think this is the first time I’ve posted an image that makes a joke involving Pokemon.  Nope… it isn’t. Plus, where’s “Missingno” when you need him? P.S.: “LOL’ing” looks like this: Continue reading Poke-Calculus 101

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