Wow! The Original “Syphon Filter” Almost Never Happened

Hey, fellow gamers! Remember when Metal Gear Solid came out on the PlayStation in 1998? I loved playing through that game over the course of an entire week, infiltrating Shadow Moses Island, getting awesome gadgets and weapons, playing the excellent boss battles (especially that whacked-out Psycho Mantis fight), and being enthralled by the story.

Hey, Metal Gear fans! Remember when Syphon Filter came out on the PlayStation in 1999? Remember how some of us went Metal Gear fanboy on it and called it a Metal Gear ripoff and never played it (*raise hand* guilty)? Well, a few years later I was able to buy the game and play it, and it was a very enjoyable tactile-shooting experience. On the PlayStation Blog, John Carver (creative director at Bend Studio, makers of Uncharted: Golden Abyss) discussed certain aspects of how Syphon Filter became a game, comparisons to Metal Gear Solid, and the hardships of creating such a huge game.   Continue reading “Wow! The Original “Syphon Filter” Almost Never Happened”