You’re Not Seeing Things; Microsoft Brings 1st Office App to Linux

LET THE INVASION BEGIN!! Yesterday, Microsoft Teams was released in a public preview phase to the Linux operating system via native Linux packages in two formats: .deb and .rpm. The app doesn’t differ in the looks department compared to it Windows and macOS brethren, and the goal of this release to for Microsoft to further push Teams as a bridge for the implementation of other Office apps (i.e. Word, et al) and teamwork that supports the mixed environments that are reliant on the Linux platform. But let’s be real here: Microsoft is releasing Teams on Linux to go after Slack on another front.

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Twitch Goes from ‘Playing Games’ to ‘Installing Arch Linux’; OH DEAR GOD….

Well, I guess this was bound to happen. After covering and mentioning online streaming site Twitch experimenting with it’s viewers to plays games from Pokemon, Metal Gear: Ghost Babel, Dark Souls (FREAKIN’ DARK SOULS) via the site’s chat interface, and now the Twitch Plays phenomenon seeks to tackle a new challenge: installing the Arch Linux operating system. Now, ANYONE following the stream (which began this Halloween at 4PM Eastern Time) will be able to enter commands and control the installation process. Continue reading “Twitch Goes from ‘Playing Games’ to ‘Installing Arch Linux’; OH DEAR GOD….”

Computers-On-A-Stick – Doc’D #22

In this month’s technology-themed episode (thanks to the encouragement from my buddy Jessica Brown of Allahweh’s Domain) of PractitioNERD Documented, or “Doc’D”, host Montez McCrary will be discussing the computer-on-a-stick phenomenon.
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The CHIP aims to become a $9 Raspberry Pi killer

I love my Raspberry Pi, and when it was first released it was GAME CHANGER when it hit shelves at only $35. But with the addition of other DIY micro-computers to ‘chip’ (wait for it) into the Pi’s market share, the CHIP (heh-heh, SEE?) is aiming to make the Pi look pricey by comparison. The CHIP’s Kickstarter campaign has already LONG eclipsed its $50,000 goal, and as of me scheduling this story its approaching $1,160,000. Similar to the Pi, CHIP is a fully functional computer with a tiny board that houses a 1GHz CPU, 512MB of RAM, 4GB of storage, and built-in WiFi and Bluetooth, which is great enough to power a full-fledged (read ‘light-weight’) Linux desktop computer. If you’re a tech-minded tinkerer and DIYer, there are included I/O pins waiting for you, making the possibilities almost endless… Continue reading “The CHIP aims to become a $9 Raspberry Pi killer”

Nowadays, Even a USB Charger Can Be Converted Into a Linux Computer…

Convert a USB Charger Into a Linux Computer

HEY YOU! Are you in need a truly portable Linux computer? Then I have good news for you; head on over to NODE, and Chris Robinson will show how to build a Linux-powered computer from a USB charger. Then you’ll have your precious Linux computer for ultimate portability.  After setting up the whole sha-bang, you can set it up as a TOR relay, a media server, a personal VPN, or whatever else you want! HOORAY!! Continue reading “Nowadays, Even a USB Charger Can Be Converted Into a Linux Computer…”

‘Fist of Jesus,’ an Over-the-Top, Historically INaccurate & Fun Brawler

I’m going out on a limb to say that Spain-based Mutant Games’ “Fist of Jesus” is probably historically inaccurate, at the very least. I’ve read the Bible a few times and I don’t recall reading about Jesus Christ and Judas Iscariot fighting off hordes of zombies a’la an arcade-style beat-em-up with a swordfish, pulled-off body parts, a big cross and exploding farts.  Personally, this games both looks and feels like a mash-up of Monty Python’s Life of Brian — complete with low-budget special effects — and gory films like the Toxic Avenger. I guess the lesson is that if you’re going to do something completely wacky, you might as well go ALLLLL the way wacky.

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Love PhotoShop? Don’t Have The $$$? Here’s Some Alternatives!

I love using Adobe PhotoShop (my old, er, “classic” CS3 version of it); it allows me to touch-up photos, create graphical designs from scratch or translate them from sketches, and creating presentation images and graphics. However, for most of the population, PhotoShop offers WAY TOO MANY features to explore and wade through, and it costs WAY TOO MUCH money (moolah, cash, coin, duckets, paper, Benjamins) to spend, and is likely too complicated to use for normal, minimal tasks. Well, that’s what you have The PractitioNERD is here for, and we’re going to share my three favorite of the best and powerful (and CHEAP) alternatives to Adobe PhotoShop that still have tons of features. Continue reading “Love PhotoShop? Don’t Have The $$$? Here’s Some Alternatives!”

A LEGO Data Network Protocol?! Are You Foolin’ Me?!

Speed in tech is an awesome thing.  Nowadays many of us can appreciate bullet-quick solid-state hard drives (SSDs) and fiber-optic networks (like Google Fiber; PLEASE come to San Antonio), but the best way to appreciate something is to understand where it all came from. Before the days of the aforementioned technology we now use, there was the telegraph, and even further back we can see that data travel everywhere by train. A hacker named Maximilien recreated that locomotive golden era of transferring information using LEGO, Arduino and Linux.  Even though this method will definitely lack the bandwidth, the point is the nod to the historical relevance of networking.  While the latency of the network is awful, the bandwidth is actually pretty good. Continue reading “A LEGO Data Network Protocol?! Are You Foolin’ Me?!”

The LEAP Motion-Control PC Device; Puts Kinect to Shame

The Leap is a small iPod sized USB peripheral that creates a 3D interaction space of 8 cubic feet to precisely interact with and control software on your laptop or desktop computer; it’s almost as if it comes straight from a science fiction movie (mainly Minority Report, more-or-less).  Essentially, the precision device senses various types of gestures in a 3D space, and can be used for a whole variety of games, programs and applications (more so than Kinect typically working well with nothing else besides the Dance Central and Fruit Ninja games).   Continue reading “The LEAP Motion-Control PC Device; Puts Kinect to Shame”

Lifehacker’s Top 10 Ways to Speed Up Your Slow Technology

Remember when your lovely piece of new tech hotness ran like the wind on day one? If your answer is yes, then it’s probably not so fast nowadays. That doesn’t mean you can’t restore it to its former glory. Whether it’s your desktop, laptop, or mobile device, here are 10 great ways to speed up your slow technology (which do NOT include going to some scam website you saw on a television commercial; DO NOT GO TO THOSE SITES, please).   Continue reading “Lifehacker’s Top 10 Ways to Speed Up Your Slow Technology”