The Best Privacy-Protecting Browser Extensions

With the topic of privacy coming into the forefront in the past few years, many developers have released browser extensions that promise to protect your privacy. However all of that leads to some very common questions: Which is the best? Do all of them do the same thing? What extensions should I download? Lifehacker put together a guide that takes a look at the most popular browser extensions that aim to protect your online privacy online, so here are my four personal recommendations from that list. Continue reading “The Best Privacy-Protecting Browser Extensions”

Jason Voorhees Killed Episode 3 – WIRed #2.5

After some technical mishaps, this week’s abridged version of The PractitioNERD will be the first of many smaller, more frequent videos, as explained above.   Continue reading “Jason Voorhees Killed Episode 3 – WIRed #2.5”

Lifehacker’s Top 10 Ways to Speed Up Your Slow Technology

Remember when your lovely piece of new tech hotness ran like the wind on day one? If your answer is yes, then it’s probably not so fast nowadays. That doesn’t mean you can’t restore it to its former glory. Whether it’s your desktop, laptop, or mobile device, here are 10 great ways to speed up your slow technology (which do NOT include going to some scam website you saw on a television commercial; DO NOT GO TO THOSE SITES, please).   Continue reading “Lifehacker’s Top 10 Ways to Speed Up Your Slow Technology”

Hack a Desk Lamp into a Webcam Mount

Have I mentioned about how much I love Instructables?  Have I also mentioned how much I love Lifehacker?  Well, let the lovefest continue.   In the near future, I wish to re-purpose a 3-year old Fujifilm digital camera of mine that I don’t use as much anymore (thank you Android smartphone; Samsung Epic 4G, if you’re curious) into a adjustable/mounted camera should I ever wish to film my … Continue reading Hack a Desk Lamp into a Webcam Mount

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Turn A Song Into a Free Ringtone for iPhone or Android

Ringtones are an excellent thing, huh?  I mean, instead of listening to the grating sound of the basic ringing sound of a phone for incoming calls, you can be notified of an incoming call by the grating sound of any song recorded by Souja Boy (**crickets**, **crickets**).  Anyway, while there are many services available that allow you to download ringtones to your phone for a … Continue reading Turn A Song Into a Free Ringtone for iPhone or Android

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Cut Your Energy Bill By 1/3 with Modern Tech & Common Sense

This image from Lifehacker pretty much explains the post and linked article…

With the economy still slowly recovering and as people struggle with finances to pay their bills and their debts, many people are looking into and developing strategies on how to better save money.  For example, many people have been figuring out how to better budget their money for their utility bills (like water and power), because not too many things suck more than receiving that expensive utility bill seemingly out of nowhere. Continue reading “Cut Your Energy Bill By 1/3 with Modern Tech & Common Sense”