When a Public Library in Wisconsin hosts a Pro Wrestling Show…

Those of use who have attended professional wrestling events are accustomed to them being hosted in from football stadiums, basketball/hockey arenas and local gymnasiums.  I for one have attended wrestling shows in parking lots, carnivals/fairs, VFW halls, stage theaters, night clubsand bar/grill restaurants, and these locations are very creative from a logistical point-of-view. It really rings true that pro wrestling can really work anywhere, and it seems that the Milwaukee Public Library are believers (or BO-Lievers) in that philosophy, too. Continue reading “When a Public Library in Wisconsin hosts a Pro Wrestling Show…”

Norma Sklarek’s Bookless Library Shambles w/ Undead WWE Titles – WIRed #33


..and NO, this is not about Zombie Professional Wrestling Architects; but it’s not a bad idea…  On this week’s edition of PractitioNERD WIRed, I discuss a groundbreaking female African-American architect, a new library in San Antonio WITHOUT BOOKS, how Activision intends on ruining our faith with licensed games, and I continue to complain about things the WWE should bring back (it’s like I care, or something). **AHEM**KingOfTheRing**AHEM**   Continue reading “Norma Sklarek’s Bookless Library Shambles w/ Undead WWE Titles – WIRed #33”

Get Ready for San Antonio’s 1st 100% Bookless Public Library! HUH?

Aren’t e-books and digital media an awesome thing? With all those, who needs ACTUAL BOOKS? Also, what about those buildings that hold books; the libraries? Yeah, looks like they won’t be needing those outdated and obsolete tangible books anymore! This fall, the first public, and BOOKLESS library is coming to my hometown of San Antonio, Texas, and once the world goes the way of Blade Runner, we may see more of them around soon.   Continue reading “Get Ready for San Antonio’s 1st 100% Bookless Public Library! HUH?”

WWE Purchases the Mid-South Wrestling Library; Well I Be Dog-Gone!

It became very clear after World Wrestling Entertainment purchased the video libraries or Extreme Championship Wrestling, World Championship Wrestling, Jim Crockett Promotions, Smokey Mountain Wrestling, World Class Championship Wrestling, and others that this trend would continue.  Well, after years of negotiations, Ene Watts and the Watts family agreed on a deal to sell about 1,200 hours of video from Mid-South Wrestling ‘s 1970s to 1980s TV programming and shows to the WWE for a undisclosed amount of cash.  Ene Watts, the ex-wife of WWE Hall of Famer “Cowboy” Bill Watts, had owned the footage as part of a divorce settlement.   Continue reading “WWE Purchases the Mid-South Wrestling Library; Well I Be Dog-Gone!”

Look at this Lavish and Luminous Library

This building houses the personal library of the late-Antonio Castro Leal, Mexican diplomat and intellectual, in two bays at the north side of the north-west patio at the Ciudadela, his former home. Designed by architectural firm BGP Arquitectura, it was exhibited in a transparent area where the bookcases are attached onto walls to the full height of the ceiling.  The bookcases made of dark wood act as vertical elements that work in contrast with both the horizontal floors made of light wood and translucent glass, and finished by the custom white furniture. Fortunately, it’s fairly simple to distinguish the four main areas from each other — reception room, teamwork area, research area and personal reading area — despite the huge open plan of the library.   Continue reading “Look at this Lavish and Luminous Library”

Here Lies The Printed Encyclopaedia Britannica, 1768 – 2010…

Vaya con Dios. Britannica Print is dead. Long live Britannica Online...

This can be categorized as news that almost everyone saw coming from miles away.  The news was made official last Tuesday, March 13th, as Jorge Cauz (the president of the Chicago-based Encyclopaedia Britannica Inc.) announced that the world-famous Encyclopaedia Britannica would be going out of print and concentrate solely on its online/digital offerings at Britannica Online.

Continue reading “Here Lies The Printed Encyclopaedia Britannica, 1768 – 2010…”