Need To Save Crumbling Buildings? Just Use LEGO!

Courtesy of Jan Vormann

Artist Jan Vormann has spent 10 years exploring the world, visiting roughly 40 cities across Europe, Central America, Asia, and the United States, while making and installing LEGO masonry interventions to city walls and buildings in moderate disrepair.  His ongoing project, Dispatchwork, started making these colorful toy-block repairs and additions — some using only a handful of LEGO bricks while some installations use up to 20 pounds of LEGO bricks — in Bocchignano, Italy, and later expanded to Tel Aviv and Berlin. Continue reading “Need To Save Crumbling Buildings? Just Use LEGO!”

Here’s a ‘Grand Theft Auto’ Fan Film Made with LEGO!

Man, it SURE has been a while since The PractitioNERD posted any sort of a LEGO-related story, but I’m glad we could get back on that 1000-piece LEGO train (toot-TOOOOT). With the success of the theatrical LEGO films (The LEGO Movie & The LEGO Batman Movie) and the unlikelyhood of a movie based on the Grand Theft Auto video game series (likely due to the rights to the movie title; THANKS Ron Howard), it’s very evident that these two brands will never officially mesh together. HOWEVER, the lovely concept of fan films DOES exist. YouTube movie maker love Nukazooka latest short brings the two together to create a winning combination.

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Here’s ‘The Last Of Us’ Remade as a Giant LEGO Build…

The Last of Us: Build Log

Wow, it sure has been a while since the last post about LEGO here on The PractitioNERD, huh?  Well congratulations, as we bring attention to LEGO builder Tim Schwalfenberg, who has outdone himself by building a The Last Of Us diorama that comprised of the outdoors and indoors of an entire city block.  According to Schwalfenberg,  over 20,000 bricks were used for the project, and it took him over 100 hours to assemble everything. Enjoy more of this creation after the break! Continue reading “Here’s ‘The Last Of Us’ Remade as a Giant LEGO Build…”

LEGO – Geek Me Five #8

In this episode of Geek Me Five, host Montez McCrary will be discussing the legendary member of the Toy Hall of Fame, LEGO, in FIVE, GEEKY, yet easy-to-follow, points. Continue reading “LEGO – Geek Me Five #8”

Ladies & Gentlemen, The Full-Sized LEGO Car!

Praise Jesus; THIS IS A THING!!! Raul Oaida built a full-sized car out of nearly 500,000 (that HALF-A-MILLION) LEGO pieces that actually FREAKING drives. The 256-cylinder engine is powered by compressed air and reached a top speed is 20 mph. Seriously, this is a stunning and clever achievement in technology, but my favorite things about this LEGO car is that 256-cylinder engine and that the car’s windshield is built out of two dozen tiny LEGO windshields. Continue reading “Ladies & Gentlemen, The Full-Sized LEGO Car!”

reWIRed: January 2015 – DEBUT EPISODE!!!

It’s the end of MONTH, and it’s time for the monthly round-up show that is reWIRed, where host Montez McCrary discusses his favorite stories of the last 30 (give or take) days from covering the nerdy-geekery on architecture, technology, gaming, and pro wrestling. Continue reading “reWIRed: January 2015 – DEBUT EPISODE!!!”

Frank Lloyd Wright’s ‘Taliesin West’ Reconstructed as the Largest LEGO® Model

© Andrew Pielage Photography

It appears that over here at The PractitioNERD, that we’re sorta-kinda on a Frank Lloyd Wright kick recently. Personally, I blame the notion of Wright being considered as the world’s greatest architect, aaannnnddd that the first/returning episode of Document’D was all about the man. But now it’s time to combine the recent infatuation with Wright’s work, and something else that this site is known for covering; LEGO!!!

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