So, Here’s EVERY ‘Bad Word’ You Can’t Use on 3DS

Man, if George Carlin had been around to see this… Nintendo has had a profanity filter in place for their gaming systems for quite a long while now, even going so far as to end support and close the Swapnote app on the 3DS. Of course, because the internet, Redditor dolopodog has gone ahead and datamined the 3DS and found a full list of banned words in many, … Continue reading So, Here’s EVERY ‘Bad Word’ You Can’t Use on 3DS

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The Great “Oreo” Lie – Rant ‘N Resolve #8

Digging into his own personal experience, in this month’s edition of “Rant ‘N Resolve,” host Montez McCrary recounts his feelings on the term “Oreo” used negatively toward black people (meaning “black on the outside, white on the inside), why the term is downright dumb, and why it should fade away, never to return again. Continue reading “The Great “Oreo” Lie – Rant ‘N Resolve #8″

My Favorite Most Mispronounced Video Game Titles, EVER!

It’s nothing new for people to incorrectly pronounce the title of a movie, book, TV Show, song title, or even video games. Sometimes it could be the arrangement of the letters, the instance or proper use of long and short vowels, accents over letters, and, well, REASONS! GamesRadar recently put together their list of the most mispronounced video game titles, and –drawing inspiration from them — I will only showcase titles that I have played and/or own. LET THE GAMES (see what I did there) BEGIN!!   Continue reading “My Favorite Most Mispronounced Video Game Titles, EVER!”