So A Typhoon Renamed ‘Nintendo’ to ‘intendo’, So Sayeth Mother Nature…

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Typhoon. Noun. According to Merriam-Webster Dictionary, a typhoon is “a hurricane occurring especially in the region of the Philippines or the China sea”. One might want to add — that based on current events — that typhoons hold grudges against the House of Mario and Donkey Kong. And Metroid and Zelda and Pikmin and Kirby and Animal Crossing and Pokemon and Star Tropics and Kid Icarus and Star Fox and….. Continue reading “So A Typhoon Renamed ‘Nintendo’ to ‘intendo’, So Sayeth Mother Nature…”

BitSummit, Japan’s Independent Gaming Expo

This past weekend was the fourth-annual BitSummit, an exposition dedicated to promoting the Japanese independent development scene. The expo was created by James Mielke, Q Games founder Dylan Cuthbert, and others. Unlike the E3 and more akin to PAX and MAGFest, BitSummit is open to the public and features panels with game industry luminaries, live musical performances, and live demos from Japanese and western independent game developers. It also serves as a place for Japanese and western developers to meet up, make contacts, and do their share to promote the Japanese game development scene. Continue reading “BitSummit, Japan’s Independent Gaming Expo”

Relive Childhood Memories with these Architectural Playhouses

Ok, I ABSOLUTELY LOVE the Farnsworth House by Ludwig Mies van der Rohe. It was the first work or architecture that I truly fell in love with when I started studying architecture in my sophomore year of high school — waaaaay back in 2000; man what a year. Well, if only when I was 5 years old — waaaaay back in 1990; what what a year THAT was — when I decided to seriously thought about studying architecture…said NOT ME at the age of 5! Anyway, this is NOT the Farnsworth House; it is “Illinois House” model from SmartPlayhouses, and these things are prime in giving younger children an appreciation of architecture early on.   Continue reading “Relive Childhood Memories with these Architectural Playhouses”