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The Dangerous Logic of Children Becoming Pokemon Trainers…

Yup, sounds safe to me…


Behold, The MOST IRRITATING Game About Parenting…

This Game About Being A Parent Is The Most Irritating Game I've Played

We have games were you can be the classic hero\heroine, be a sports superstar, and even simulate life as a piece of bread that longs to be toast.  However, there aren’t any games that can give you the true-to-life experience of what it’s really like to be a parent; that’s where the free game Jostle Parent comes in. Jostle Parent is a browser-based game made by Pippin Barr, whose work has been chronicled on Rock Paper Shotgun and Unwinnable, in which you control a parent with a number of duties concerning your three small children who have minds of their own; you know, like MOST CHILDREN. Continue reading Behold, The MOST IRRITATING Game About Parenting…

A Little Child RKOs Randy Orton Outta NOWHERE (and other theories)!

We’re not sure of this video’s context (or even how old it is), but it’s Randy Orton being RKO’d by a little kid and we’re calling it a Christmas miracle.  This YouTube version clips off the very beginning with Orton explaining to the kid that he’s gotta do the theatrics, and basically this is 10 seconds (ON LOOP) dedicated to making Randy Orton your favorite wrestler. Continue reading A Little Child RKOs Randy Orton Outta NOWHERE (and other theories)!

Triple H vs. A Random Kid

A Calvin & Hobbes Nursery, with a Fort for Sleeping!!!

Someday, I will do this for my future child.

And teach them how to properly play Calvinball!

Do You Like Kid Icarus? Do You Have A Browser? Play This!

Honestly, I’ve only played the original “Kid Icarus” on the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) once.  ONCE!!!  I really enjoyed it.  However, other than the Game Boy version (which I never played), there have not been any new Kid Icarus games since Also, NO; (the “Kid Icarus” main character) Pit being a playable character in “Super Smash Bros. Brawl” on the Wii doesn’t count.

Thankfully, Nintendo is releasing a new “Kid Icarus” game for its 3DS portable system in the near future, but in the meantime, independent studio Flip Industries developed and created a 16-bit remake (a’la Super NES) of the classic NES title entitled “Super Kid Icarus.” This only has me imagine how awesome a Super NES version of the game would have been, but at least you can play it now.  HERE. FOR FREE. Can it get better than that?!?


[Thanks Joystiq & Siliconera]

Awesome Shawn Michaels Facts

It’s become clear that I’m a fan of pro wrestling (really, just check the header and click the “Pro Wrestling” link), and being from San Antonio, Shawn Michaels is – and will always be – the poo, the top dog, the Showstopper, The Main Event…..ok, calming down now.  A few weeks ago, the world of Twitter took to the interwebs to post some interesting, funny (and possibly factual) truths about the Heartbreak Kid himself.  Here are six of my favorites:


Fear of spiders is arachnophobia, fear of tight space is claustrophobia, fear of HBK is called Logic.

If the President ever pushes the “Big Red Button”, cell phone will ring.

When you met  it was the greatest day of your life, for him it was Tuesday.

When  left the Virgin Islands it was known simply as the islands.

 can divide by zero…

People hunt animals. Chuck Norris hunts people. hunts Chuck Norris.”

Thanks again the the mighty, mighty Twitter-verse; and now, let’s celebrate the one, the only…The Heartbreak Kid, SHAWN MICHAELS!!

Shawn Michaels vs. Mankind, WWF Mind Games, 9/22/1996

This could very well be my FAVORITE PRO WRESTLING MATCH, EVER.  If it’s not, it’s at least in the top half of my top ten favorite matches.

For some background, “The Heartbreak Kid” Shawn Michaels was in is first reign as WWF Champion after winning the title in a fantastic Iron Man Match at WrestleMania XII from Bret Hart (which I will DEFINITELY discuss at a later point and time).  The night after WrestleMania XII, Mankind (Mick Foley) debuted in the WWF, and after feuding with The Undertaker and eventually winning the managerial services of Paul Bearer (Undertaker’s manager), he would win the number one contendership for the WWF Championship at the Mind Games pay-per-view event.

Continue reading Shawn Michaels vs. Mankind, WWF Mind Games, 9/22/1996