The Entire “MS Paint”-Version Opening Of JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure

That’s ok! You can have your Adobe PhotoShops and Illustrators, I’ll stick to my longtime favorite imaging program, Microsoft Paint. Granted, the affectionately nicknamed “MS Paint” may not be seen as the best photo/image editing tool to make detailed website banners, ornate greeting cars, an attention-getting magazine cover or even remake the opening credits to our favorite animes/obscure Dreamcast games —¬†what I’m saying is the PhotoShop and Illustrator my be the way to go for those types of projects (or anything else), it didn’t stop someone from trying. Above is an amazingly awesome anime opening to JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure (one of my favorite underrated Dreamcast fighters), which HAD to have taken hours upon hours upon HOURS to complete, and it’s not JUST a replica of the original opening sequence as the creators altered most of the scenes and added in some funny extras. So “OurFinalForm,” nerds and geeks everywhere salute you. Continue reading “The Entire “MS Paint”-Version Opening Of JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure”