The Heidi Bowl – Geek Me Five #3

In this episode of Geek Me Five, host Montez McCrary will be discussing the lead-up, the incident, and the lasting legacy of the infamous “Heidi Bowl” from 1968, as the New York Jets played the Oakland Raiders, and the movie that interrupted the broadcast of one of the greatest comebacks in pro football history. Continue reading “The Heidi Bowl – Geek Me Five #3”

‘Jet Swapping’ in Battlefield 4 Shows Teamwork Making the Dream-work

Sometimes the darndest things can happen in a round of (insert first-person shooter game here) online multiplayer match.  Case in point: in Battlefield 4, one guy flies in low with his jet, and as he jumps OUT of the flying machine, one of his nearby teammates jumps INTO the temporarily-abandoned plane and moves on (check out the GIF that shows the point-of-view of both players). Being able to pull off a move like switching jets — especially as smooth at this — must requires superb hand-eye coordination, muscle-memory, and just overall FPS skills and teamwork.

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