Jason Voorhees – Geek Me Five #7

In this episode of Geek Me Five, host Montez McCrary will be discussing the interesting history and legacy of horror icon Jason Voorhees of the ‘Friday the 13th’ series in five, easy-to-follow points.

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Yes, there was a Friday the 13th wrestler named ‘Jason the Terrible’…

Sweet. Baby, Jesus….

**UPDATE (4/15/2015)** Here is a first-hand experience of Jason the Terrible from Google+ user David Zak, who commented on this story:

“I use to go to stampede wrestling in Edmonton with my brother, and when Jason The Terrible came to the ring I would almost sh*t my pants. I was terrified of Jason, and i was just a kid then. Maybe that had something to do with me being terrified of him. I just wanted to share that with you.”

ORIGINAL STORY: Just…let that sink in….Okay? So, yeah. Jason the Terrible was the Friday the 13th wrestler and wrestled in a hockey mask, which probably shouldn’t have been legal (copyrights, trademarks, and all that jazz). It’s kinda hard to punch a guy wearing a protective mask, PLUS his finishing move was a flying headbutt WITH THE MASK ON. Jeez, I guess you could get away with ANYTHING in Canada outside of swerving a member of the Hart wrestling family. Maybe take a cue from the indy circuit and bring a fake, invisible and imaginary gun to the ring and shoot your opponents. It’s fine; make sure you apologize to them for fake shooting them afterwards.

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The Horror Dance Team – S.A. MonsterCon 2012


To celebrate this year’s MonsterCon in San Antonio (Sept. 28-29), here’s a short video from last year’s MonsterCon with a short dance routine courtesy of a group of horror-themed dancers. Mainly because of the lovely ladies dressed up as slasher movie icons… #TRUTH Continue reading “The Horror Dance Team – S.A. MonsterCon 2012”

Living Cubes, Digital Dudz, Retro Controllers & D’Lo Brown – WIRed #64

In this week’s episode of WIRed — coming “live” from Camp Crystal Lake — I talk about maximizing limited living space with the Living Cube, how a guy quit his job at NASA to design techy t-shirts, the return of 8-bit pixels in controller-form, and why D’Lo Brown got me back into wrestling. Continue reading “Living Cubes, Digital Dudz, Retro Controllers & D’Lo Brown – WIRed #64”