One-Punch Man – Geek Me Five #22

In this episode of Geek Me Five, host Montez McCrary will be discussing the ongoing Japanese superhero parody webcomic, manga and anime series, One-Punch Man.

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3) One-Punch Man Wikia/Fandom webpage [Wikia/Fandom:; Reddit:; My Anime List:] Continue reading “One-Punch Man – Geek Me Five #22”

Four Long Last ‘Kirby’ Games Found At A Japanese Auction

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Howdy Maiya; you should enjoy this…

Four lost Kirby minigames from the Super Famicom’s Satellaview peripheral (we’ll get to that in a bit…) have made their way into the hands of gaming preservationists after a surprise auction and some help from fans of the franchise.  Here’s the story: Kirby no Omocha Hako (「カービィのおもちゃ箱, aka “Kirby’s Toy Box”) was a Satellaview title consisting of 10 mini-games. The Japan-exclusive device let players download games via a satellite connection, and while many games were made available for the Satellaview, most have been lost after the service discontinued. However, when some ARE found, they can take quite a while to get them working and playable again. Continue reading “Four Long Last ‘Kirby’ Games Found At A Japanese Auction”

New Japan Pro Wrestling Invades The Upcoming ‘Yakuza 6’ Game

Since Sega debuted this game series back in 2005 on the PlayStation 2, the Yakuza games have brought a unique flavor of open-world brawling to consoles worldwide. Think of it as modern Grand Theft Auto meets old-school River City Ransom set in Japan.  I recall Area5 (you know, the former “1Up Show” people) referring to the series as “Shenmue done right.” Anyway, the PlayStation 4-exclusive Yakuza 6 is coming out soon in Japan, and it’s been reported by a Japanese gaming publication that New Japan Pro Wrestling stars will be appearing in the game as a rival gang. I love this; I want this; ALL of this; IN MY FACE! Continue reading “New Japan Pro Wrestling Invades The Upcoming ‘Yakuza 6’ Game”

The Ballad of Frontier Martial-Arts Wrestling – Doc’D #52

In this pro wrestling-themed episode of PractitioNERD Documented, or “Doc’D”, host Montez McCrary will be discussing the history, influence, tragedy and legacy of the popular Japanese wrestling promotion, Frontier Martial-Arts Wrestling. Continue reading “The Ballad of Frontier Martial-Arts Wrestling – Doc’D #52”

Here’s ‘Time Twist’, an old Nintendo game with Nazis, Baby Jesus & the KKK…

Yes, you read that right… In this game, you meet a girl, fall in love, have your soul stolen, fight Hitler and get strung up by the KKK. Maybe this is why Nintendo barely promoted the game, gave it a very generic cover and never re-released it. For the sake of comparison, Nintendo re-releases PRACTICALLY EVERYTHING; if you don’t believe me, ask yourself how many times you’ve re-purchased Super Mario Bros. and/or The Legend of Zelda. Continue reading “Here’s ‘Time Twist’, an old Nintendo game with Nazis, Baby Jesus & the KKK…”

BitSummit, Japan’s Independent Gaming Expo

This past weekend was the fourth-annual BitSummit, an exposition dedicated to promoting the Japanese independent development scene. The expo was created by James Mielke, Q Games founder Dylan Cuthbert, and others. Unlike the E3 and more akin to PAX and MAGFest, BitSummit is open to the public and features panels with game industry luminaries, live musical performances, and live demos from Japanese and western independent game developers. It also serves as a place for Japanese and western developers to meet up, make contacts, and do their share to promote the Japanese game development scene. Continue reading “BitSummit, Japan’s Independent Gaming Expo”

Sony FINALLY Releases Their 1970’s Console Prototype

Sony Never Released This 1970s Console Prototype

Many of us know (and believe) that the first video game console Sony made was the PlayStation. However, he truth is that the PlayStation was actually Sony’s first console that they released. It turns out that before the PlayStation (even before their ill-fated collaboration with Nintendo) was, this lovely piece of gaming tech. This console,simply labeled as “Prototype TV Game Machine”) used — or WOULD HAVE used — cards and cartridges, and since this console dates to the 1970’s, the games would have likely been relatively simple. However, if you want a Japanese write-up on the exhibition it was shown at, here you go. Continue reading “Sony FINALLY Releases Their 1970’s Console Prototype”

Get Your Own Kengo Kuma-branded ‘Triangular Block Set’

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HEY KIDS…er…HEY DESIGN FANS!! If you’re like me and you never tire of playing with blocks and building things, then check out this beautifully crafted 13-piece wooden block set designed by legen-wait for it-dary Japanese architect Kengo Kuma – who was recently tapped to design Tokyo’s controversial National Stadium. The blocks are light and soft, each four-by-four inch piece is made of cedar from Japan’s Miyazaki Prefecture and are notched at their tips for easy stacking. You can go ahead and order your own set for $70Continue reading “Get Your Own Kengo Kuma-branded ‘Triangular Block Set’”

Here’s a 12″ Keyboard inside an 8″ Laptop. YAY MATH!

There's a 12-Inch Keyboard Inside This 8-Inch Laptop

Japan’s King Jim has found a clever way to make its Portabook XMC10 laptop even smaller than the smallest Macbook available. The ultra-compact laptop—powered by Windows 10 with a 2.4GHz Intel Atom processor, 2GB of RAM, 32GB of flash storage and an 8-inch display— but the most interesting feature is the 12-inch folding keyboard. Yes, a 12-inch keyboard THAT FOLD so it can be stored with it’s computer with ONLY an 8-inch display. Like, WHOA!  Continue reading “Here’s a 12″ Keyboard inside an 8″ Laptop. YAY MATH!”