Exigent Networks Highlight the Expansion of WiFi Hotspot Services in Europe

The Little Island, County Cork, Ireland-based Exigent Networks is a network security solutions company that aims at delivering high quality network connectivity. The company, with offices in Dublin and Birmingham, England, primarily focus on offering network and security infrastructure, IP telephony, microwave wireless, network and systems management and related services to private and public clients. As part of that line of work, it’s a necessity to conduct research related to the market you’re in and the services you offer. According to a detailed research graphic Exigent sent my way, it seems that they are seeing the amount of public wireless hotspots in Europe to more than double, triple, quadruple or even quintuple (and THEN some) within the next 12 months.

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Finally, Here’s an Internet Security Basics Course for the Whole Family; Just in Time for the Holidays!

Are you planning on spending time with your extended family this holiday season? Are you also the designated computer/techie/gadget-person of the family that EVERYONE tells their computer issues to or asks how to set up their devices? If so — I feel your pain — then you should consider having them take a seat and watch this series of internet security videos.  If fact, you should probably REQUIRE them to watch it.  Courtesy of a security company called Varonis, this course has five in-depth lessons on topics such as: creating a good and secure password, how to know what websites to trust, how to better protect your smartphone, and even a lesson about the internet of things (if they get something like a Nest, WeeMo, Amazon Echo, Google Home, or any other smart device like those). Continue reading “Finally, Here’s an Internet Security Basics Course for the Whole Family; Just in Time for the Holidays!”

Add Experience Points to a Wall Outlet by adding USB Functionality

YOUR WALL SOCKET HAS EVOLVED (yes, I used to play “Pokemon”…)

While taking a stroll through the good old interwebz, I came across a blog that I have become very interested and fond of, Apartment Therapy.  At Apartment Therapy, there are a plethora of strategies, tips & tricks on how to best optimize your experience of living in an apartment and/or smaller rental (or owned) house.  Nowadays with a ever-growing number of electronic gadgets, it often seems like there’s not enough outlets to cater to these devices (most of which only need a USB port without a wall outlet).   Continue reading “Add Experience Points to a Wall Outlet by adding USB Functionality”

"Bring back WWE King of the Ring," says WWE.com

I’ve been saying this OVER & OVER & OVER again since 2003.

In this article from WWE.com, writer Michael Burdick discusses his wish for the WWE to bring back King of the Ring, one of the company’s trademark and (formally) annual events, citing the history-making moments and the potiential of increasing talent credentials with current WWE stars.   What began as a annual live show in 1985 and became an annual pay-per-view event in 1993, WWE cancelled the event after the 2002 edition, only to bring it back in a small-scale form in 2006, 2008, and 2010 during episodes of RAW or SmackDown. Continue reading “"Bring back WWE King of the Ring," says WWE.com”

Autodesk aquires DIY site Instructables

+ Is “intrigued” a color? If it is, COLOR ME THAT!! I don’t care if it clashes with my t-shirt! I think is a slightly darker hue of turquoise. Or not….I don’t really know. Ramblings aside, I personally enjoy re-purposing and/or upgrading older items I either find or currently own, so I often frequent the do-it-yourself website Instructables for some tips on doing such things. … Continue reading Autodesk aquires DIY site Instructables

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