Mickey D’s Robot Testers Seuss Gaming in WCWWE – WIRed #42


On this week’s Louisville Cardinal-tastic episode of WIRed, get your Big Mac on at a Asian Fuel Station, Robots walking like HUMANS, Violent Games re-imagined as Dr. Seuss book covers & I didn’t know THESE guys were in WCW?!?   Continue reading “Mickey D’s Robot Testers Seuss Gaming in WCWWE – WIRed #42”

The WWE Superstars with A ‘Secret’ WCW Past

It’s no secret of surprise that many talented personalities in professional wrestling has competed in multiple organizations; that’s just the nature of the business, or ANY business for that matter.  Some wrestlers get their start in one company and become extremely popular for the next one they work for. Some start off popular in one and then fizzle out in the next, while some become a huge star in one and continue being top tier talent in the next company.  WWE.com has complied a list of 15 WWE Superstars who used to compete in WCW that may have not been of the knowledge of its common fans. Many of us already know of Triple H’s run in WCW as Paul Levesque, The Undertaker as “Mean” Mark Callous (get it?), and even Barry Horowitz, considered as one of the hardest working men in the business, but here are 5 particular superstars that personally escaped my own mind.   Continue reading “The WWE Superstars with A ‘Secret’ WCW Past”