Wanna See Six Destroyed British Castles Rebuilt Digitally?

Sorry, not a dead body this time, y’all. But this is still awesome, and much less graphic, smelly and vomit-inducing; I PROMISE! Onward and NoeMan Studios have come together to digitally rebuild some of the most historic castles in the United Kingdom. Why? Well, at one time, these structures were strong, proud monoliths — ranging from castles, churches, stately houses, etc. — that commanded the … Continue reading Wanna See Six Destroyed British Castles Rebuilt Digitally?

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The Albany by RKD Architects is NOT in Albany; It’s in Dublin. So, There You Go…

© Ste Murray

The Albany, located in Dublin, Ireland and designed by RKD Architects, is a modernist-style pavilion (measuring at nearly 4,900 square feet) that aims to reinterpret the seaside villa house type. This visually distinct building — compared to the surrounding ones — is built on one corner of the build site and utilizes a varied mix of materials and features a new structure frames for viewing the nearby Dublin Bay.  The existing site was lowered to create a garden — while accessible from all of the building’s bedrooms — that would add seclusion and privacy to the site. The exterior showcases a reinforced concrete frame with seamless glass ribbon windows along the main upper floor, while seemingly floating above the lower level plinth; intentionally done to resemble the seawall and to evoke the Martello towers located along the local coastline.

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Exigent Networks Highlight the Expansion of WiFi Hotspot Services in Europe

The Little Island, County Cork, Ireland-based Exigent Networks is a network security solutions company that aims at delivering high quality network connectivity. The company, with offices in Dublin and Birmingham, England, primarily focus on offering network and security infrastructure, IP telephony, microwave wireless, network and systems management and related services to private and public clients. As part of that line of work, it’s a necessity to conduct research related to the market you’re in and the services you offer. According to a detailed research graphic Exigent sent my way, it seems that they are seeing the amount of public wireless hotspots in Europe to more than double, triple, quadruple or even quintuple (and THEN some) within the next 12 months.

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Tyler Bate, the First WWE United Kingdom Champion

In the WWE United Kingdom Championship Finals this past Sunday afternoon, 19-year-old Tyler Bate defeated Pete Dunne after Bate kicked out of the Bitter End and eventually hit the Tyler Driver 97 to get the pin and become the first ever WWE United Kingdom Champion.  In my opinion, the entire WWE United Kingdom Championship Tournament held this past weekend on the WWE Network has been fantastic from top to bottom, from the first-round to the finals. The network-exclusive presentation showcased so many great talents who were given an opportunity to show their abilities to the world, and every one of them stepped up to make it the event a giant success. Continue reading “Tyler Bate, the First WWE United Kingdom Champion”

BEHOLD! Old-School Wrestling (OSW) Review Is A Thing You Should Watch!

Some of the fun of going to professional wrestling shows and watching live events on television, DVD and on-demand (WWE Network FOR THE WIN) comes from talking about the match in progress, the wrestlers involved, the storylines, and sometimes about how bad and funny the match is.  Well fellow wrestling nerds, if you haven’t heard of Old School Wrestling (OSW) Reviews, then you’re in for a treat! The Old School Wrestling (OSR) Review video podcast, hosted by longtime friends and longtime fans Jay Hunter, Steve (aka Mr. OOC) and Steve (aka V1) of Dublin, Ireland, chronologically (and hilariously) critique old WWF (WWE), ECW and WCW Pay-Per-Views events as a roundtable video podcast cut to actual video footage of the event. Some of the show’s common staples include old school wrestling video game graphics & music, the nickname/moniker “Roidy Magoo” (describing any of the ridiculously muscled wrestlers on the show — which is MANY if we’re talking about mid-80’s to mid-90’s WWF/WCW television), the catchphrase “What Bar Is He?” (when comparing a wrestler’s attire to candy bar wrappers) and another catchphrase “Wrestling is Awesome” (which features wrestler(s) in a TV show or movie). Continue reading “BEHOLD! Old-School Wrestling (OSW) Review Is A Thing You Should Watch!”