‘The Interface Experience’ Showcases The History of Computing

Nowadays, ou tech devices are faster and slimmer than ever before, while the collection of bulky, outdated computers serve as an amusing — and often evocative — look into the past. That’s the goal of The Interface Experience, an exhibition at the Bard Graduate Center‘s Focus Gallery in New York, as the exhibit aims to ignite that nostalgia with a myriad of vintage machines. Kimon Keramidas, curator and director of the digital media lab, hopes when people interact with this aging technology that they can think critically about how those devices led to their current devices. What’s also interesting is that unlike the “off-limits” display strategy of most museums, the machines at the exhibit aren’t behind glass and are working, as well as overhauled with custom programs to initiate exchanges between the user, the software and the hardware itself. Continue reading “‘The Interface Experience’ Showcases The History of Computing”

Peaceful, Non-Violent & EPIC ‘Drive-By’ Photography

Johnny Tergo is a photographer based in Los Angeles who has developed an interesting way in snapping some awesome shots. Since he’s already a frequent traveler, he wanted to take advantage of the time he spends commuting, which takes the idea of “drive-by” and turns it on its ear.  Tergo built a custom camera and lighting rig inside his Chevy Silverado, allowing him to take great-quality pictures while he’s on the road.  This is definitely the type of drive-by that I can get behind. HOORAY POSITIVITY!   Continue reading “Peaceful, Non-Violent & EPIC ‘Drive-By’ Photography”

Simple Network HD-DVR with Simple.TV

In the quest of more devices to prepare for the possibility to live a cable/satellite-free entertainment life (as cable TV time has been replaced by video games and streaming media for me), one aspect is to buy an affordable computer to use as a home theater PC (HTPC) and a digital video recorder (DVR).  For just one TV, having a HTPC with DVR capabilities is not much of a hassle, but with a home with over 5 TV’s, 5 HTPC’s (or even TiVo boxes) is pretty steep on the good-ol’ wallet.  Thankfully, the Simple.TV offers a simple and fairly cheap solution that can record and stream live TV content.   Continue reading “Simple Network HD-DVR with Simple.TV”

Microsoft’s Surface Tablet PC, and HOORAY for Competition!

Yesterday, Microsoft officially announced their own Windows-branded product for the burgeoning tablet market, the Surface.  With the release of Microsoft Surface into the wild along with the iPad and numerous Android tablets, the tablet market is bound to become better for consumers, thanks to that lovely word “competition.”   The Surface features touchscreen and gesture technology (based on a feature of the upcoming Windows 8/RT operating systems) , a scratch-resistant case and even a built in stand.  The cover for the device is also a multi-touch keyboard, which comes in handy as you can also utilize Windows 8/RT in the classic desktop-style mode without even using the touchscreen.  WOW!!!  Continue reading “Microsoft’s Surface Tablet PC, and HOORAY for Competition!”

Meet the Original iPAD!! No, Seriously!!

In case you haven’t heard, there’s been a bit of an dispute recently concerning the name “iPad” over in the land where most of our expensive American electronics come from; in case you’re wondering, carefully lift your laptop over your head, and you’ll see it (it starts off with “Made In..”).   If you guessed China, you are correct; but why is there a dispute about the name of the popular Apple device?  Well, there’s a company called Proview that already has an existing trademark on the “iPad” name; to be more clear, the name is stylized as “iPAD,” which stood for Internet Personal Access Device.

Continue reading “Meet the Original iPAD!! No, Seriously!!”