PBS’ Game/Show on How Net Neutrality Effects Gaming

I’ve covered PBS Digital Studios’ YouTube series Game/Show before regarding the harm fanboys/fangirls cause the gaming industry, but the show also covers some other apolitical, light topics like the morality of cheating in games and love for all things Zelda.  In a recent episode of Game/Show, host Jamin Warren takes on the timely topic of net neutrality, and more specifically, how it impacts the gaming industry and ourselves, the gamers. Though this episode of Game/Show only focuses on the smaller part of the net neutrality debate from the side of online gaming and digital distribution, it’s a topic that’s relevant to gamers, tech aficionados like myself, and people who work, make a living, and spend time contributing and browsing the internet (also like myself). Continue reading “PBS’ Game/Show on How Net Neutrality Effects Gaming”

GIFitecture Xanadu Metal Gear Austin’s Skullbuster – WIRed #104


It’s time for Episode 104 of WIRed, where Montez McCrary discusses GIF-ified architecture, the release of Open Xanadu, a FREE Metal Gear 1 remake and Steve Austin’s Broken Skull Challenge! Welcome to WIRed, bringing you the nerdy-geekery on architecture, technology, gaming, and pro wrestling. Continue reading “GIFitecture Xanadu Metal Gear Austin’s Skullbuster – WIRed #104”

This 54-Year-Old, Oft-Delayed Software Is FINALLY Out…

OpenXanadu in action.This story is proof that no matter what, how many, or how often roadblocks are placed in front of your progress, you’ve got to fight your way to the end.  When development started back in 1960, many people believed that Project Xanadu would change the world. Soon afterward, delays led to more delays, and so-on and so-forth, however, after 54 years in development, the world’s most delayed software went live. HOORAY!!! Continue reading “This 54-Year-Old, Oft-Delayed Software Is FINALLY Out…”

The News We Consume… – Rant N’ Resolve #7


The News You Trust. Fair & Balanced. Your #1 Source. We Report, You Decide. All News, All The Time. You’ve heard it, but how informed are you on current events? Also, have you heard from the diverse points of view that surrounds ALL TOPICS? This month on Rant N’ Resolve, Montez McCrary takes the news media, the single-source news viewers, and the uninformed & opinionated to task. But not without simple resolution… Continue reading “The News We Consume… – Rant N’ Resolve #7”

CM Punk Takes Illiteracy To Task on “Grammar Slam”

Never again can you say that professional wrestlers aren’t smart and great speakers. WWE Superstar CM Punk, the “Second City Saint” himself, is just that, and he’s also a huge grammar snob, particularly toward those who troll and insult him on the internet. In his delightful new series on the Nerdist Channel, Grammar Slam, Punk teaches sad online trolls how to correctly use some of the internet’s commonly misused words. Of course, he does this the way we’d expect him to: by verbally berating and ripping apart the grammar of the so-called tough-guys who send him nasty messages across social media and e-mail.

Continue reading “CM Punk Takes Illiteracy To Task on “Grammar Slam””

Famous vs. Infamous- Rant N’ Resolve #4


Are people confusing being popular for being famous, or are people confusing being infamous as being famous.  Well, this month on Rant N’ Resolve, I tackle the problem of people being terrible to themselves and others, but thinking that they are famous, when actually they are becoming infamous (and that’s not a good thing; that’s a bad thing).

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