Here is Intel’s 264 sq. ft. Smart Tiny House on Wheels!!1!11!!!

Bask your eyes on this is Intel’s 264 sq. ft. Smart Tiny House on Wheels (also known as a THOW) in San Francisco, built in collaboration with (of course) Intel and designer Kyle Schuneman, who used Brian Levy’s Minim Home design plans. Intel’s Internet of Things Platform (IoT Platform) allows the residents to unlock the doors, change the thermostat, adjust all lighting, and even detect pipe leaks from the comfort of your smartphone. Continue reading “Here is Intel’s 264 sq. ft. Smart Tiny House on Wheels!!1!11!!!”

Computers-On-A-Stick – Doc’D #22

In this month’s technology-themed episode (thanks to the encouragement from my buddy Jessica Brown of Allahweh’s Domain) of PractitioNERD Documented, or “Doc’D”, host Montez McCrary will be discussing the computer-on-a-stick phenomenon.
Continue reading “Computers-On-A-Stick – Doc’D #22”

Gigabyte’s tiny, adorable (maybe “SteamBox”) BRIX Gaming PC

If you are still holding out hope for a Steam Box PC/console, then you’re gonna want to listen to this.  This is Gigabyte’s Brix gaming PC from Gigabyte’s Brix line, and basically what it is is an ENTIRE PERSONAL COMPUTER crammed into a cube case roughly 4.5 inches wide, thick, wide, and long. The tiny machine also comes equipped with Intel’s brand new Haswell processor and, more importantly, Iris Pro integrated graphics. The connectivity options for the Brix includes 4 USB 3.0 ports, HDMI input, Ethernet input, Bluetooth 4.0, built-in WiFi and a headphone jack. Continue reading “Gigabyte’s tiny, adorable (maybe “SteamBox”) BRIX Gaming PC”

Minecraft Architecture OnCue DiveKickING RAW Theme – WIRed #58

This week on a journalistic-focused (or something) episode of WIRed, Minecraft players assist in an architecture firm’s proposal project, Intel takes on cable and satellite services with OnCue, the simplicity and awesomeness of ‘DiveKick’, and the theme to ‘RAW is WAR’ with its supposedly-correct lyrics and band line-up… Continue reading “Minecraft Architecture OnCue DiveKickING RAW Theme – WIRed #58”

Intel’s ‘OnCue’, A La Carte Online-Streaming TV Service

There a many issues I have with cable/satellite subscriptions, from the high prices for the channel packages that I only watch 20-30% of those channels, to my use of the DVR or other on-demand services like Hulu to watch TV around my daily routine rather than the other way around.  While many alternatives exist for on-demand TV viewing (over-the-air, Hulu Plus, Amazon Prime, even YouTube, and others), if you regularly watch a select few cable channels, you had to just grin-and-bear-it with a cable/satellite subscription that gives you most of what you don’t care for. However, Intel plans to end that by presenting an option for an a-la-carte TV service, in which you receive a live TV feed and on-demand, catch-up service for only the channels you want and subscribe to. OHMAHGERD!! Continue reading “Intel’s ‘OnCue’, A La Carte Online-Streaming TV Service”

The Smartwatch: Would You or Would You Not?

So, what so you think about these conceptual drawings by Adrian Maciburko called “Google Time”?  Whether or not you’re interested in the idea of smartwatches, you’ve got to admit that this looks really nice, and with the Google’s “Google Now” initiative that has worked well at getting to know yourself, this could become something very interesting. With the buzz surrounding a possible Apple/Intel smartwatch project going around, I’m eager to see if any of these projects are going to be announce this week at CES.   Continue reading “The Smartwatch: Would You or Would You Not?”

PBS’s American Experience Takes a Look at Silicon Valley [Trailer]

The founders of Fairchild Semiconductors. Kind of getting a “Mad Men” vibe here….

As part of the PBS history series American Experience, this February 19th special will take a gander at the history of Silicon Valley, the introduction of the transistor, the Fairchild semiconductor, the founding of Intel, and the variety of other events, creations, and discoveries that took place there that would ultimately change the world.  Be sure to tune in to this PBS special, so you can get the real deal story of what really occurred, especially if you’re fed up watching irritating people string together exasperatingly overused techy buzzwords; and yes, I’m talking about that “show” on Bravo. Ugh!   Continue reading “PBS’s American Experience Takes a Look at Silicon Valley [Trailer]”

Home w/ A Moat, Autonomous Planes, PS3 Surgery & NO HOLDS BARRED! – WIRed #8

This week’s episode of The PractitioNERD discusses a Dutch house built along a moat (The Water Villa), self-flying planes that dodge obstacles (MIT’s Autonomous Plane), my episode with repairing my old PS3 and backing up my data (What the Inside of a PS3 Looks Like), and Hulk Hogan stars in NOOO HOLLLLDS BARRRRRRED!! (“No Holds Barred”: The Movie and the Match).
…also, THE QUESTION OF THE WEEK!!   Continue reading “Home w/ A Moat, Autonomous Planes, PS3 Surgery & NO HOLDS BARRED! – WIRed #8”