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Meet the Kodak Printomatic, the Hybrid Instant Camera…

I remember the first camera I ever owned: a Kodak Pocket Instamatic variant, which did INDEED use traditional film, but it was the wide, “B-shaped” type of film cartridge (known as the 110-format) rather than the typical roll of film.  Since then I’ve upgraded to dedicated digital camera (including a Kodak EasyShare) before utilizing my smartphone like most people (I’m using my Google Pixel XL). Today, Kodak is now a name licensed by another company, C+A Global, and they are now introducing the Printomatic, their company’s take on the Polaroid Snap (introduced in 2015). Continue reading Meet the Kodak Printomatic, the Hybrid Instant Camera…


A History Lesson of Instant Ramen

I love eating Ramen Noodles; I even go as far as adding some extras spices and meat (chicken, sausage, brisket, etc.). I read this story from Gizmodo a while back that talks about the history of Ramen noodles and their original purpose in its conception: to combat poverty post-World War 2 in Japan, and, potentially, to end world hunger.

To think that in the last century, a slew or great inventions came out of Japan; ranging from Sony’s Walkman (Sony itself is a great Japanese post-World War 2 story), digital cameras, fuel-efficient vehicles, karaoke (admit it, you ENJOY it; **cough** SingStar, Rock Band **cough**), and fast mass-transit trains (i.e., “bullet trains”).  However, the Japanese took a vote in a survey almost a decade ago, and they selected the invention of instant ramen as the single greatest 20th century invention/contribution from Japan.

The Humble Origins of Instant Ramen: From Ending World Hunger to Space Noodles

[Thanks Gizmodo]