Got A Library Card? Watch Some A24 Indie Movies ON THE HOUSE!

From the ashes of FilmStruck, the much-beloved streaming service for artsy & indie films that’ll close-up shop at the end of the month, comes the upcoming streaming service, Kanopy, which is partnering with the highly-decorated indie film house, A24, to allow SEVENTY-TWO of its movies available to stream for free. Yes, SEVENTY-TWO films; that DOES include the likes of Lady Bird, Room, Moonlight, Amy & … Continue reading Got A Library Card? Watch Some A24 Indie Movies ON THE HOUSE!

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BitSummit, Japan’s Independent Gaming Expo

This past weekend was the fourth-annual BitSummit, an exposition dedicated to promoting the Japanese independent development scene. The expo was created by James Mielke, Q Games founder Dylan Cuthbert, and others. Unlike the E3 and more akin to PAX and MAGFest, BitSummit is open to the public and features panels with game industry luminaries, live musical performances, and live demos from Japanese and western independent game developers. It also serves as a place for Japanese and western developers to meet up, make contacts, and do their share to promote the Japanese game development scene. Continue reading “BitSummit, Japan’s Independent Gaming Expo”

‘Fist of Jesus,’ an Over-the-Top, Historically INaccurate & Fun Brawler

I’m going out on a limb to say that Spain-based Mutant Games’ “Fist of Jesus” is probably historically inaccurate, at the very least. I’ve read the Bible a few times and I don’t recall reading about Jesus Christ and Judas Iscariot fighting off hordes of zombies a’la an arcade-style beat-em-up with a swordfish, pulled-off body parts, a big cross and exploding farts.  Personally, this games both looks and feels like a mash-up of Monty Python’s Life of Brian — complete with low-budget special effects — and gory films like the Toxic Avenger. I guess the lesson is that if you’re going to do something completely wacky, you might as well go ALLLLL the way wacky.

Continue reading “‘Fist of Jesus,’ an Over-the-Top, Historically INaccurate & Fun Brawler”

Nintendo’s Former Head of Digital Content & Development dishes on, well, Nintendo…

A couple of weeks ago on ‘Sup Holmes, Destructoid’s Jonathan Holmes conducted a near-two-hour interview with Dan Adelman, now the former head of digital content and development at Nintendo of America, who before that was the product planner at Microsoft and business development manager at Xbox.  As a longtime gamer, you’d you can see that Adelman has had some of the best jobs in the games industry, however he recently left all of that behind to create his own business and marketing consulting service company for independent game developers.

Continue reading “Nintendo’s Former Head of Digital Content & Development dishes on, well, Nintendo…”

Fast Design History, 3D Casts, RippleDotZero & WarGames – WIRed #55

On episode “Cinco-Cinco” — which is “Five-Five”, NOT “Fifty-Five” — of PractitioNERD WIRed, I shoot the breeze on quicky architectural history videos, the possible rise of the 3D-printed cast, the AWESOME ‘RippleDotZero’ Flash game, and WarGames, OOH, GOOD LORD, What Is It Good For (well, memorable matches, that’s what…)… Continue reading “Fast Design History, 3D Casts, RippleDotZero & WarGames – WIRed #55”

‘Ripple Dot Zero’ gets my Sonic into your Strider

I’m up for playing a free Flash game! What about you?? Ripple Dot Zero is a game created by Pixeltruss, and it’s a love letter to the awesome Genesis-gaming years of my youth (yeah, I was a SUPER, DUPER Sega fanboy as a child). Ripple Dot Zero takes some inspiration from two popular Sega Genesis franchises under the belt of the big, blue video game company, Sonic the Hedgehog and Strider.  For example, the game main character is a genetically engineered penguin sporting a sweet pair of sneakers who escapes from his laboratory cage and bounces throughout the air via spring pads (almost like Sega’s mascot). As far a Strider references go, Ripple the Penguin — that doesn’t sound that bad — is armed with dangerous plasma claws with a pretty long reach; you know, like that super awesome sword! Plus, the music is awesome! GO. PLAY. IT. NOW!!!! Continue reading “‘Ripple Dot Zero’ gets my Sonic into your Strider”

E3 2013: Top Five Stories, Day 2/3

****DAY TWO****
****DAY TWO****

Aloha, fellow gamers!! This is the time of year that we all look forward to on the yearly gaming calendar (next to the dates of certain game releases we are looking forward to) is the annual Electronic Entertainment Expo, also known as “E3.”  This year, the conference takes place at the Los Angeles Convention Center in Los Angeles, California. As with CES 2013 and last year’s AIA Convention, I will be providing my personal five favorite stories made during today’s E3 festivities (and will be doing this for the rest of the convention), so here’s DAY TWO of my E3 2013 TOP FIVE STORIES!! Continue reading “E3 2013: Top Five Stories, Day 2/3”

A “Y”House, Hand Phones, Indie Game Movie & The Art of Wrestling – WIRed #11

This week, this house is brought to you by the letter “Y,” you can soon talk to the hand (literally), behind the scenes on indie game development, and how to be a pro wrestling art snob.
…also, THE QUESTION OF THE WEEK!!   Continue reading “A “Y”House, Hand Phones, Indie Game Movie & The Art of Wrestling – WIRed #11″

Mario Gets a Portal Gun In This Fan-Made Game


I love the Super Mario series; maybe not as much as Sonic, but the games are very enjoyable. Like most gamers my age who were born in the mid-1980’s, the Mario series have stuck with us for its accessibility and excellent platforming mechanic. I also enjoy the ground-breaking first-person puzzle game Portal; I recall purchasing The Orange Box in 2007 and being excited to play Half-Life 2, HL2: Episode 1, HL2; Episode 2, & Team Fortress 2, and asking myself “what the heck is ‘Portal’?” As of last week, much like how peanut butter & jelly were mixed to create something awesome, the original Super Mario Bros. game and Portal’s concept have been crossed-over.

Continue reading “Mario Gets a Portal Gun In This Fan-Made Game”

Madris = Architecture + The Sims + Tetris

I first came across the independent video game Madris around this time last year; it was an entry in the “A Game By Its Cover” video game development competition. Madris is a puzzle game designed by Gary Dahl that is essentially a combination of architecture, “The Sims,” and some game called “Tetris” (**wink-wink, nudge-nudge**).  The goal of the player is to take each block (which is either a room … Continue reading Madris = Architecture + The Sims + Tetris

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