BitSummit, Japan’s Independent Gaming Expo

This past weekend was the fourth-annual BitSummit, an exposition dedicated to promoting the Japanese independent development scene. The expo was created by James Mielke, Q Games founder Dylan Cuthbert, and others. Unlike the E3 and more akin to PAX and MAGFest, BitSummit is open to the public and features panels with game industry luminaries, live musical performances, and live demos from Japanese and western independent game developers. It also serves as a place for Japanese and western developers to meet up, make contacts, and do their share to promote the Japanese game development scene. Continue reading “BitSummit, Japan’s Independent Gaming Expo”

Tiny Strikes & 3D Implants Indies – WIRed #116

It’s time for Episode 116 of WIRed, where Montez McCrary discusses a tiny A-Frame House, a 3D-printed vertebra implant, from Microsoft to Nintendo to indie games, and the art of striking in pro wrestling! Welcome to WIRed, bringing you the nerdy-geekery on architecture, technology, gaming, and professional wrestling. Continue reading “Tiny Strikes & 3D Implants Indies – WIRed #116”

Bus Homes, US-BBs, Game Tycoons & Bryan/Punk Memes – WIRed #63

This week on WIRed, we discuss an architecture grad’s school bus retrofitted into a tiny house, a USB-powered desktop BB rifle, ‘Game Dev Tycoon’ and it’s hilarious anti-piracy efforts, and my favorite Daniel Bryan/CM Punk memes!

Continue reading “Bus Homes, US-BBs, Game Tycoons & Bryan/Punk Memes – WIRed #63”

Run Your Own Game Development Studio with Game Dev Tycoon!

This is Game Dev Tycoon from Greenheart Games, and it is a satirical game development studio video game that was released on December 10, 2012 from the developer’s website and on Steam on August 29, 2013. In the game, the player runs a game studio in which they, well, create and publish video games. Game Dev Tycoon was inspired by another game, Game Dev Story by Kairosoft, and was created by brothers Patrick and Daniel Klug, who founded Greenheart Games in July of 2012. Back in May of this year, Game Dev Tycoon received community approval via Steam Greenlight back in May. Continue reading “Run Your Own Game Development Studio with Game Dev Tycoon!”

A “Y”House, Hand Phones, Indie Game Movie & The Art of Wrestling – WIRed #11

This week, this house is brought to you by the letter “Y,” you can soon talk to the hand (literally), behind the scenes on indie game development, and how to be a pro wrestling art snob.
…also, THE QUESTION OF THE WEEK!!   Continue reading “A “Y”House, Hand Phones, Indie Game Movie & The Art of Wrestling – WIRed #11″

Indie Game: The Movie; a Movie of Indie Games…Get it?

Sure, we gamers enjoy the triple-A, million dollars games that big-name, big-time developers and publishers with large employee numbers churn out to us in retail stores every year.  However, how about the games that aren’t big budget titles, made by a small team of people (if not just one person), and don’t get the same mainstream attention?  Here’s a secret: some of those independently-developed video games are just as fun (if not MORE fun) than their big-budget counterparts.  For the real stories behind some the most recently acclaimed games of this type, look no further than the documentary, Indie Game: The Movie. Continue reading “Indie Game: The Movie; a Movie of Indie Games…Get it?”