India Debuts its First Solar-Powered Train…

Anil Kumar Chhatri/Indian Railways

The Indian Railway (IR) system, the largest rail network in Asia and typically filled with diesel-powered trains, has just introduced its first solar-powered train, named the Diesel Electric Multiple Unit (DEMU). The DEMU, which has solar panels placed on the roof of the unit, will operate in the city of New Delhi. It will be pulled by one of IR’s diesel-powered locomotives, with the solar panels powering only the passenger comfort systems (including lights, info displays, fans, etc.). According to IR, one train with six solar-panel equipped cars will save 21,000 liters (or 5,547 gallons) of diesel fuel every year, all while saving approximately Rs12 lakh (almost $20,000) in operating costs.

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Dharavi. Image © Flickr CC User M M

Ever Heard of a Slum Museum? Mumbai’s Going to Have One Soon…

Mumbai, India is the home of the Dharavi slum, currently occupied by approximately 1.5 million people (and known to be one of Asia’s largest slums). Ask yourself, what does a slum need? Why, a museum or course! Mumbai will soon be the home of the world’s first slum museum, as a report from the Smithsonian Magazine reports, the Design Museum Dharavi is the brainchild of Spanish artist Jorge Mañes Rubio. The project aims to showcase works that “reimagines and revives [forgotten] sites as attention-worthy destinations.” Continue reading “Ever Heard of a Slum Museum? Mumbai’s Going to Have One Soon…”