The Homes from ‘Stranger Things’ Rendered in Beautiful Plans and Sections

Boryana Ilieva

So yeah, the Netflix original series Stranger Things is, in fact, VERY AWESOME; especially for adults like myself who grew up in the 80’s and 90’s. So until a second season the made and released, we can enjoy the next best thing in this new fandom: floor plan and section drawings of two of the show’s main settings from architect Boryana Ilieva.  Known for creating studies of space and light in cinematic architecture, Ilieva produces these lovely interpretation of the primary homesteads from the acclaimed series.  Also, I’m going to attempt to talk about these drawings without spoiling anything, so wish me luck! Continue reading “The Homes from ‘Stranger Things’ Rendered in Beautiful Plans and Sections”

ArtsyBuilding Microview Shenmues Wrestler Gab – WIRed #94

It’s time for Episode 94 of WIRed, where Montez McCrary discusses artist-designed architecture, the chip-sized Arduino board, a Shenmue postmortem bug review, and ***it’s so quiet you can hear the wrestlers talk***! Welcome to WIRed, bringing you the nerdy-geekery on architecture, technology, gaming, and pro wrestling. Continue reading “ArtsyBuilding Microview Shenmues Wrestler Gab – WIRed #94”

What If 27 Artists Designed Buildings…

Federico Babina is a Barcelona-based designer who is the brain behind Archist, an illustration series of prints where buildings resemble the work of twenty-seven of the most famous artists throughout history in their signature styles. Many of Babina’s illustrations range from Picasso, Mondrian, Dali and Lichtenstein — to name a few — and each work of art is available for purchase. Think about it: what if Picasso had designed a jagged cubist structure? What if Damien Hirst utilized his trademark polka dots onto a sleek, machine-like modernist building? What if Piet Mondrian applied his interesting approach to geometry and color to the design of an apartment building? What if…well, you get the idea.

Continue reading “What If 27 Artists Designed Buildings…”

Check Out This AWESOME Pro Wrestling Artwork!

Some years ago, freelance artist Grant Gould posted some professional wrestler illustrations for one of the top websites in pro wrestling news, the Pro Wrestling Torch ( Here’s a sample of some of his work, and there’s more after the break!   Continue reading “Check Out This AWESOME Pro Wrestling Artwork!”

Ever Heard of Architecture for Humanity? Well, You Have NOW!

OK children, gather ’round as I tell you about the great charitable orgainization called Architecture for Humanity.  So sit down, and listen closely.

The main purpose of Architecture for Humanity is to seek architectural solutions to humanitarian crises and brings professional design services to communities in need. They believe that where architectural and construction resources and expertise are scarce, innovative, sustainable and collaborative design can make a difference, one building at a time.  The organization was founded on April 6, 1999 by Cameron Sinclair and Kate Stohr in response to the need for immediate long-term shelter for refugees from Kosovo returning  to their home country after the region’s bloody conflict. After hosting a series of open design competitions, the organization started taking on a number of built projects, pairing local communities with design professionals to develop a ground-up alternative to development and reconstruction. Continue reading “Ever Heard of Architecture for Humanity? Well, You Have NOW!”

Question: How Do You Like Your Designs/Architecture?

I found this beautiful & colorful Venn diagram illustration on Arthitectural.  It was originally created by graphic designer Colin Harman in regards to, well, graphic design.  However, similar logic can also relate to architecture, or any other design profession (i.e., web design, industrial design, etc.).  Harman makes it simple to see why graphic design that’s “fast,” “cheap” and “great” is an “impossible utopia,” “fast” and “great” results in “you … Continue reading Question: How Do You Like Your Designs/Architecture?

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