If You Pirate ‘The Sims 4,’ YOU’LL GET CENSORED IN-GAME!

Anyone Who Pirates The Sims 4 Is In For A SurpriseSo, if you were one of the folks who decided to illegally download a torrent of The Sims 4, then you certainly discovered something completely unexpected: complete and utter censorship — via pixelation — of most of the newly-released game.  Now, those familiar with The Sims are aware of the game normally pixelating your Sims when they are buck-naked (such as taking a bath, going number one or number two, you get the idea).  According to various online reports, pirated copies of the game make ALL Sims PERMANENTLY pixellated, presenting the entire game in a goofy, censored look, a’la the above image from nihwtf. Continue reading “If You Pirate ‘The Sims 4,’ YOU’LL GET CENSORED IN-GAME!”

Doc’D #11- The Thirty-Year Pinball Ban

In this month’s gaming-themed episode of PractitioNERD Doc’D, host Montez McCrary discusses the thirty-year-plus great pinball ban in American cities like New York, Los Angeles and Chicago. Too bad about that ban; that “deaf, dumb, and blind kid” was SOOOO good at it! Continue reading “Doc’D #11- The Thirty-Year Pinball Ban”

Jaywalking – Rant N’ Resolve #2


You know ’em, they annoy you, you can’t stand ’em, and what annoys us the most is how EASILY it can be avoided. This month’s episode of “Rant N’ Resolve” is dedicated to those on foot who make life dangerous to drivers and themselves…JAYWALKERS! Continue reading “Jaywalking – Rant N’ Resolve #2”