Introducing ‘Unico,’ the 3-Second Smartbrush Mouthpiece

The common rule-of-thumb is that it should take roughly 2 minutes to properly brush one’s teeth, which pertains to using some elbow grease with a manual toothbrush to the convenience of electric toothbrushes. Now, the Unico, a “smartbrush mouthpiece” as its creators call it, claims that it will clean your teeth in only three seconds. Yes, THREE SECONDS; that’s 2.5% of the old rule-of-thumb’s time!! This sounds like it’s straight out of science fiction!!

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Amron Experimental’s ‘Rinse Toothbrush’ with Built-In Rinsing Fountain


Amron Experimental’s original model of their Rinser Toothbrushes were well-received and were a delightful experience to many of its customers. Fast-forward to this week, and Amron Experimental has shown a couple of updates to the both the Rinser Toothbrush line and the common practice of brushing first, then rinsing second; something we’ve all grown accustomed to since learning how to brush our own teeth.  What kind of additions, you ask, are included in this upgrade?  How about a “power fountain?”   Continue reading “Amron Experimental’s ‘Rinse Toothbrush’ with Built-In Rinsing Fountain”