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The 10 Types of Architecture Professors (presented by Leewardists.com)

Almost a month ago, I published a story on a series of comic strips about “The 10 Types of Architecture Students.” I mostly shared this because I, personally, have met fellow students that fit within those characterizations in my undergrad and graduate studies.  The truth is, I’ve been waiting for a similar take on the various types of professors that I had in my years as a student, and thankfully the Leewardists are back with “The 10 Types of Architecture Professors,” and boy, it’s a doozy.  For more about that comic series follow them on FacebookInstagram or visit their website. Continue reading The 10 Types of Architecture Professors (presented by Leewardists.com)


I REALLY Want This Cup (Say It SILENTLY to YOURSELF first…)!

So THIS Is How Bad Jokes Start…

Pro Wrestling Guerrilla: The Funniest Guys In The Room


Southern California-based independent wrestling promotion Pro Wrestling Guerrilla (PWG) was founded in 2003, and injected it’s unique brand of disciplined in-ring athleticism, involved crowd interaction, and humorous skits into professional wrestling.  PWG was founded by and run by the wrestlers themselves, with its original founders of Southern California wrestlers Disco Machine, Marc “Excalibur” Letzmann, “Joey Ryan” Meehan, Scott “Lost” Epperson, Danny “Super Dragon” Lyon, and Top Gun Talwar. Since then, Disco, Talwar and Meehan have left the company due to retirement and/or new contract work in other promotions.   Continue reading Pro Wrestling Guerrilla: The Funniest Guys In The Room

Want 53 Terrible Jokes in 4 Minutes? Specific Request, But Here it is!

Oh yes, the VlogBrothers; proof and evidence that there are people on YouTube who are creative, entertaining and talented (unlike 98% of the cast of any run-of-the-mill “reality” show).  Being a fan of terrible (in terms of corny) jokes, this latest video showcases host Hank Green telling 53 of the cornyiest — corniest, cornyest…..I don’t know if that’s even a  word — (but still funny)  jokes I’ve ever heard. Enjoy, and HAPPY SUNDAY!!