Candida Tabet Arquitetura’s House ACP

© Fran Parente

The House ACP, designed by Candida Tabet Arquitectura and completed last year (2016), is located on a semi-circle-shaped plot of land in Indaiatuba, Brazil that is a single story tall and features a mezzanine — acting as a featured social area — and an annex playroom house for the two children of the couple who this house was designed and built for. The building’s orientation helps maximize the views of the beautiful surrounding environment, as well as showcase the ciruclation of the interior spaces, while the double-height of the mezzanine’s great cieling promotes cross-ventilation (allowing the hot air to do what it does best; RISE).

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A Barn Replacement + Farmhouse Restoration by Singer Baenziger Architekten

© Christian Senti

When Singer Baenziger Architekten took on this project of a farmhouse from the 1600s and a later-built barn (both sharing a cantilevered saddle roof) in the village center of Schlieren, Switzerland, they looked to restore the house while converting the barn building into a new living space. According to the design team, led by Roman Singer and Rémy Baenziger, the project will also include breaking up the singular roof through the use of roof windows and two roof sheds. Along with this, the outside landscape will retain the original exterior space, the unfinished nearby alley’s forecourt,  and the existing tree garden, but will add a new small private seating area for the farmhouse’s residential units. Continue reading “A Barn Replacement + Farmhouse Restoration by Singer Baenziger Architekten”

The Whittaker Cube by Dravitzki & Brown, or A BOX YOU CAN LIVE IN!

© Alister Brown

Cubes. You’ve heard of them. You’ve learned about them in math class. You’ve seen buildings on this site that look like them. Well, go ahead and add the Whittaker Cube to that list. This home, located in the small, sea-side settlement of Kakanui, New Zealand, was designed by architects Alister Brown and Katrina Dravitzki with two floors, and area of 8 meters x 8 meters (26.25 feet x 26.25 feet), excellently detailed durable materials and designed with a cost-effective structure. While the dimensions of the entire footprint sound pretty compact, the house does have three bedrooms and the living spaces located upstairs feel very light and spacious. Continue reading “The Whittaker Cube by Dravitzki & Brown, or A BOX YOU CAN LIVE IN!”

The House in La Prosperina by Fabrica Nativa Arquitectura

This house in La Prosperina in Guayaquil, Ecuador was designed and built by Juan Solis Orellana and Fabrica Nativa Arquitectura for a young 30-year-old divorced man with three children (who occasionally visit him). The owner looked at his monthly stipend from the Ecuadorian state and his basic salary, and found it difficult to improve his housing situation. This is because the house he’s lived in for thirty years had encountered physical problems that come with older homes in which time just passed them by. The house rests on a lot 4.80 m wide by 20 m deep given by his grandfather. Given his circumstances, the family decided to raise money in order to improve the house. Continue reading “The House in La Prosperina by Fabrica Nativa Arquitectura”

Taliesin West – Doc’D #33

In this month’s architecture-themed episode of PractitioNERD Documented, or “Doc’D”, host Montez McCrary will be discussing the history, design and legacy of Frank Lloyd Wright’s Taliesin West building. Continue reading “Taliesin West – Doc’D #33”

Casa do Laranjal by Rmk! Arquitetura

© Matheus Costa

This single level home is built upon a 9688 square-foot lot, and is located on Laranjal beach along the banks of the Lagoa dos Patos, roughly 9.321 miles Pelotas, Rio Grande do Sul. But what makes this building special is its solar orientation, meaning that the house’s main body unfolds on the rear of the lot, towards the garden on the property. Much of the home’s volume is supported on concrete columns that are elevated in relation to the garden level. The home contains a large glass area in the living room, while the bedroom areas can be shielded by wooden panels for the purpose of ventilation, opacity and privacy. Continue reading “Casa do Laranjal by Rmk! Arquitetura”

Lithuanian Hunting House by Devyni Architektai

© Augis Narmontas

Located along a small hill deep in a Lithuanian forest in Sariai, is this house — inspired by the client’s hobby, hunting — for family leisure time. The home’s location is retreated and surrounded by trees in order to give a chance to hear the real sound of the nature.  The lead architects, Jurgita Liubartaite and Arunas Skrolis, aimed to combine the family lifestyle with the archaic conception of eating from nature and exchange for products from surrounding farms.  Basically, the environment accommodates the human while keeping its importance over them. Continue reading “Lithuanian Hunting House by Devyni Architektai”

You Can Own the House from ‘Purple Rain’ for $110,000! BUY NOW!!!

“Purple Rain, Purple Rain……”  Oh sorry, you caught me in a moment… Anyway, just like the title said, which is probably why you’re reading this now, you can own the home from that cult classic film for a song, LITERALLY! The Minneapolis, MN 1,348 square-foot house where Prince’s character in the film ‘Purple Rain’ lived in is on the market for the steal-of-a-price at $110,000. Continue reading “You Can Own the House from ‘Purple Rain’ for $110,000! BUY NOW!!!”

The House in Chiyosaki by Coo Planning

Courtesy of Coo planningThis nice, simple private house of the solitary life built near the Kyocera dome contains an outer wall and board sticking of interior plywood, is located on a corner lot, and is designed around the solitary life of a man of fifties, one car, and his fishing equipment. The home also contains a roof terrace adjacent to the 2nd floor bedroom and a loft that is located nearby. Continue reading “The House in Chiyosaki by Coo Planning”

The Remote House sure is Remote… Makes Sense, I guess…

© Fernando Alda
© Fernando Alda

This prototype of architect Felipe Assadi’s transportable modular housing project in Pichicuy, La Ligua, Región de Valparaíso, Chile, is an 861 square foot home that was built to completion in that city in 45 days, moved to its final location in 4 hours, and installed on site in 6 hours. WOW! The house is made out of four identical modules, measuring at 3.5 by 6 meters, with a program that includes three bedrooms, two bathrooms, a pantry with a washing machine, with a central living space, and a dining area with an integrated kitchen. Continue reading “The Remote House sure is Remote… Makes Sense, I guess…”