Adam Rideaux’s “Visibly Invisible: Humanizing the Homeless”

Longtime friend of mine — and friend of The PractitioNERD — Adam Rideaux, has recently released his short-form documentary, “Visibly Invisible: Humanizing the Homeless.” Rideaux states that he plans on using this movie as a catalyst to bring real change and awareness, and he states: The purpose of this film is not just to illustrate the realities faced by many/if not all homeless people, but to likewise … Continue reading Adam Rideaux’s “Visibly Invisible: Humanizing the Homeless”

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There’s A Crowdfunding Campaign for Modular Homeless Pods

Exterior Rendered View. Image Courtesy of James Furzer
Exterior Rendered View. Image Courtesy of James Furzer

A little over a month ago, James Furzer of Spatial Design Architects won the 6th Annual Space for New VisionsA competition, and he’s wasting little time getting started on his project to develop a homeless shelter composed of modular pods. Continue reading “There’s A Crowdfunding Campaign for Modular Homeless Pods”

Texas A&M students Build Tiny Houses for the Homeless

A tiny house designed and built by students at Texas A&M’s College of Architecture. It’s one of two such houses that will be on display at Texas A&M’s Rudder Plaza May 14-15, then delivered to a development for the homeless in Austin. (Courtesy of Texas A&M)
(John Peters/Texas A&M)

Texas A&M University environmental design (Langford Penitentiary FOR LIFE!) and undergraduate construction science students displayed their “tiny house” designs, which mostly have less than 150 square feet of living space, which were built to house chronically homeless people and help lower homeless populations.  In just Texas in 2014, there were 19,177 homeless according to the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development. This summer, the homes will be brought to Community First Village, an Austin-area master-planned community that provides affordable, sustainable housing for disabled homeless populations. Continue reading “Texas A&M students Build Tiny Houses for the Homeless”

reWIRed: February 2015

It’s the end of February (or has been for a few days), and it’s time for the monthly round-up show that is reWIRed, where host Montez McCrary discusses his favorite stories of the last 30 (give or take) days from, covering the nerdy-geekery on architecture, technology, gaming, and pro wrestling. Continue reading “reWIRed: February 2015”

A Small Village For The Homeless in Madison, Wisconsin

Occupy Madison has created a village of tiny houses for the homeless.

A non-profit organization in Madison, Wisconsin has created a small world for the area’s homeless.  Right now, there is an estimated 3,370 homeless people (and rising) in the area, but thanks to the efforts of Occupy Madison, those numbers will be dropping. The village contains nine tiny homes, day resource center, and access to restrooms, showers, laundry (with future plans for a community garden, tree orchard, and chickens in the spring), and gives the area’s homeless a safe and warm place to sleep, reports Revolution News. The tiny homes — all made from reclaimed or recycled material —  are 98 square feet and feature a bed, kitchen, bathroom, storage, and propane heat. The homes cost an estimated $3,000 to build, all of which came from donations. The homes were built by a “revolving” crew of volunteers, including some formerly homeless residents, reports Daily Kos. Continue reading “A Small Village For The Homeless in Madison, Wisconsin”