From Private Home to Multipurpose Facility, or the Barn at Critter Creek by Furman + Keil Architects (Or BOTH; No Need to Pick Sides…)

In a previous life, Critter Creek existed as purely residential home for over 20 years, but its time was running out as it was scheduled for demolition for the family’s new home.  However, the family and design firm Furman+Keil Architects opted to re-purpose the building and relocate it to a new location in order to preserve the memories and spirit of the place. First, the … Continue reading From Private Home to Multipurpose Facility, or the Barn at Critter Creek by Furman + Keil Architects (Or BOTH; No Need to Pick Sides…)

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This Folding House by Architect Renato Vidal Can Be Built in SIX HOURS!

This is the M.A.Di., or Modulo Abitativo Dispiegabile, a new model of housing that is actually a folding and transportable house that can be put together in only six hours with only three people. Renato Vidal designed this model, which was built with safe and high-quality materials, including wood veneer lined exterior walls (the required standard in Italy) anti-siesmic certificate. There are some customizable models for you to choose from, with some of the most basic models coming with toilets, fully furnished kitchens, and technical installations like water and electrical systems.

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The House in La Prosperina by Fabrica Nativa Arquitectura

This house in La Prosperina in Guayaquil, Ecuador was designed and built by Juan Solis Orellana and Fabrica Nativa Arquitectura for a young 30-year-old divorced man with three children (who occasionally visit him). The owner looked at his monthly stipend from the Ecuadorian state and his basic salary, and found it difficult to improve his housing situation. This is because the house he’s lived in for thirty years had encountered physical problems that come with older homes in which time just passed them by. The house rests on a lot 4.80 m wide by 20 m deep given by his grandfather. Given his circumstances, the family decided to raise money in order to improve the house. Continue reading “The House in La Prosperina by Fabrica Nativa Arquitectura”

Get Yourself a Tiny, Transforming A-Frame House for $1,200!

One of the things that strikes me the most about the Tiny House Movement, is the affordability, a varied shapes and sizes they come in, the freedom, and basically how resourceful and resource-friendly most of the dwellings are.  Of course, while style and function make a tiny house standout, this adorable A-Frame house is a standout on its affordability, as well. Relax Shacks offers this A-frame for just $1,200, which includes a translucent polycarbonate roof attached with hinges and props up on stakes to expand the space from 80 square feet to 110. Continue reading “Get Yourself a Tiny, Transforming A-Frame House for $1,200!”

A True “Private House”; No Shutters Necessary…

This structure is the “Private House”, a project in Uster, Switzerland, and designed by Gramazio & Kohler.  The house works as a reinterpretation of the typology of the neighboring gable-roof houses that is visually clear by its roof, which receives its design by adjusting form to context parametrically.  The house’s plan itself is a solution to a couple of particular geometric operations based upon the site and natural environment.  
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D.I.Y. Paper-Thin, Cheap AND Super-Powerful HDTV Antenna

While you can buy any HDTV antenna from the plentiful options available at your local electronic and/or department store, you could always build your own.  Here’s the kicker: this do-it-yourself project actually looks nice enough that you would want to hang it in a window, PLUS it’s powerful enough to pick up over-the-air HD channels in your area. The best thing about this option is, of all things, it’s really cheap to make.

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Behold this Beautiful Brazilian Bungalow

Have you ever dreamed of having a house with a private pond?  That way, when you felt like it, you could walk onto your patio, down toward the pond and just enjoy the nice, cool water.  Sounds great, right?  Well, allow me to proposition you with this: how about having your patio located directly OVER your private pond!  Yup, you can go from living room, to patio, and as your look down….YOUR OWN POND!!   Continue reading “Behold this Beautiful Brazilian Bungalow”

Thank You Pogoplug, My New Personal Home Media Server

My lovely Pogoplug
The Pogoplug Classic

A few weeks ago, I took advantage of a great deal at my local Best Buy and purchased a brand new Pogoplug Classic (that used to retail at $130) for only 30 BUCKS.  For the last few years I’ve been looking for a media server (like the LaCie LaPlug Media Server), and this steal came along.  For the longest time, I’ve been using my laptop or my near-10-year-old desktop PC along with some server software (i.e., TVersity, PS3 Media Server, Vuze, Orb, etc.), that that always involved having my computer on ALL OF THE TIME, hogging up a whole lot of power.

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