My Four Favorite RKO’s of Randy Orton’s Career

From John “Johnny Ace” Laurinaitis’ Ace Crusher, to Diamond Dallas Page’s Diamond Cutter, the cutter finishing move had been adapted to a quicker and smoother move, courtesy of Randy Orton’s RKO — because his full name is Randal Keith Orton; RKO; get it?  The move is quick, beautiful, and very destructive, yet his most memorable RKO deliveries involved putting his opponents through tables, flipping them over, and — my favorite — catching them mid-air.  Without further ado, here are some of my notable favorite RKO’s delivered by the WWE’s Apex Predator himself.  Continue reading “My Four Favorite RKO’s of Randy Orton’s Career”

Social Design with Quantel Paintbox in a ZombiU Strap Match – WIRed #22

This week on episode 22 of WIRed, the Public Interest Design Institute Asks Architects to Tackle Social Needs, a Quantel Paintbox Demo from 1990, ZombiU is the Longest-Delayed Game Sequel Ever (NOT Duke Nukem Forever) & Pro Wrestling’s Strap Match — without the dirty stuff…maybe.   Continue reading “Social Design with Quantel Paintbox in a ZombiU Strap Match – WIRed #22”

Pro Wrestling’s Strap Match (without the dirty stuff…)

In professional wrestling the strap match is known by many other names and is performed with many slight variations.  You can say that this is a case where something could have multiple personalities, and not have to be committed to a mental institution  Essentially, the match has both competitors placed on the opposite ends of a restraint (that being a rope, leather strap, chain, bullrope, etc.) in order to keep them in close physical proximity. The rules of the match are of such: the strap—as well as anything attached to it—are legal for use as weapons, and the most common rule for winning is that one wrestler has to touch all four corners of the ring (either the top turnbuckles or ring posts) in sequential order without stopping.  Some match rules include the possibility of winning via pinfall, and due to the legality of using the strap as a weapon (often as a choking device — SEE LEFT), submissions are usually not allowed.   Continue reading “Pro Wrestling’s Strap Match (without the dirty stuff…)”

"Entertainment Weekly" shadows WWE’s Stephanie McMahon

I remember back on the late 1990’s when you couldn’t read a magazine of almost ANY type without seeing a pro wrestler from WWE (or WWF) or WCW on the cover or featured in a story (I have an issue of freakin’ TIME magazine from early 2000 covering the McMahon-Helmsley Era storyline and the lead-up to it). In the most recent issue of Entertainment Weekly … Continue reading "Entertainment Weekly" shadows WWE’s Stephanie McMahon

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