Doc’D #10 – The Zip Disk Format

In this month’s episode of Document’D, host Montez McCrary takes a trip to the good ol’ dead media format graveyard to discuss the Zip format, its technical specifications, history, and legacy.
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Turn Old-School Apple Floppy Drive into an External HDD Enclosure

Just curious: you any of you Apple fans out there still have a old-school Mac lying around, collecting dust. If you do, have you been trying to find a way to make good use of that floppy drive that died long ago (and I actually mean FLOPPY, not those 3.5” so-called “floppy” disks)? Well then, you can take that useless (formerly useless now) external “floppy” drive from Apple (or Commodore 64’s ACTUAL floppy drive, or whatever) and exchange its innards with that of an external HDD to give your modern storage solution a vintage and retro look!   Continue reading “Turn Old-School Apple Floppy Drive into an External HDD Enclosure”