The 1st Year Anniversary of “The PractitioNERD” Blog! YAY! A WHOLE YEAR!


One year ago today, I was still in search of a job to speed up my career in architecture after getting my Masters, and seeking an outlet for my other outside interests of gaming, tech & gadgets, and professional wrestling.  Rather than wait for new job to begin to start the blog, I was inspired by Bishop David Copeland, that “if you have a passion, if you have a gift, don’t sit on it.”  That same week, I began researching blog hosting sites and names for the blog.  It started out, pre-launch, as “The Nerdy Life,” yet it really didn’t really spark with me, and I was encouraged by my family to try inventing a word that could mean the same thing.  It resulted in compiling words that ended in “ner,” as I was dead-set on incorporating the word “nerd” in the title.  My eyes scrolled up and down the screen, and there it was: “practitioner.”  That same week, I launched the blog as “The PractitioNERD, ” and defined the new word from a combination of the meanings of “practitioner” and “nerd” as:

“One of superior skills or intellect who practices something, especially an hobby, topic, occupation, profession, or technique, that does not conform to society’s beliefs and trends, and who will make a radical change in the world.”

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My 27th Year Celebrated Today

How do you celebrate your own birthday on a blog?  In the real world (or in real life, or IRL), there are cards, drinks, cakes, singing, laughing, and well-wishes from your friends and family (by the way, BIG THANKS to my friends and family for the birthday wishes).  I also realize that I have already covered much of my childhood, adolescence, teenage years, college days, and professional experience in the 110+ blog entries I’ve made.   I guess rather than find another way to wedge other personal stories and details into yet another blog entry, I’d do this:


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