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Navdy, the Voice/Motion-Activated In-Car Heads-Up Display

Navdy shows a text message alertEver since we’ve be able to take our cell phones and smartphones with us in our cars, we’ve seen companies create products to provide a true hands-free experience.  In some cases, smartphone-based heads-up displays for cars were also implemented, however they are typically one-way devices — they’ll feed the info to you, but you still have to reach for your phone to answer a message or get directions. That’s where the Navdy comes in, as it projects car stats, navigation, notifications, and you can interact with them via a series of gestures and built-in voice commands from Android and iOS. Continue reading “Navdy, the Voice/Motion-Activated In-Car Heads-Up Display”

Google’s Driverless Cars Officially Licensed in Nevada; Dreams of New Designated Driver services…

The Nevada Department of Motor Vehicles shows a Google self-driven car in Las Vegas.

And so it begins…

This past Monday, the state of Nevada’s Department of Motor Vehicles issued Google its first license for the hands-free car; you know, the one that drives itself.  This was a result of the 2011 legislation in the state that established regulations to allow test-driving of autonomous vehicles.  The vehicles utilize intelligent driving software, proximity sensors and GPS data to determine how to traverse from one point to another one.  Soon, these vehicles will be tested around Nevada, but with a catch: two people must be in the vehicle — one in the driver’s seat and the other in the passenger seat.

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