Is WWE Bringing Back ‘The Great American Bash’?!?

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WWE has both flirted with and fully reused the names of former WCW event in the past, and it appears to be happening again. After using Night of Champions (the final WCW Nitro broadcast and the new name of the Vengeance pay-per-view), Clash of Champions (a take on the Clash of the Champions events), Starrcade (as a non-televised house show) and War Games (as an NXT Takeover-branded event), WWE may bring back The Great American Bash. This is according to a report from PWInsider, announcing that Stamford, CT-based company filed a trademark for The Great American Bash last week. Continue reading “Is WWE Bringing Back ‘The Great American Bash’?!?”

WCW Going To War – What is “WarGames”?

Well, here comes your answer! “WarGames” was a gimmick match that involved two teams of four wrestlers locked inside a steel cage that encompassed two rings.  This match was originally used by the National Wrestling Alliance (NWA) and later annually held in World Championship Wrestling’s (WCW) Fall Brawl pay-per-view event held in September.  It was created by Dusty Rhodes as a specialty match for the Four Horsemen, and originally took place at the NWA’s 1987 Great American Bash tour.   The WarGames match was an inspiration for WWE’s Elimination Chamber, TNA’s Lethal Lockdown, and ROH‘s Steel Cage Warfare match types. Continue reading “WCW Going To War – What is “WarGames”?”

Kyle Field Time Machine Shadowruns to WCW Summer PPVs – WIRed #47

This week on WIRed, Kyle Field gets improvements to become the best college football stadium in Texas, an Iranian scientist reveals his time machine invention, the “Shadowrun” franchise return in…well…”Shadowrun Returns”, and the WCW’s classic beach-themed summer pay-per-views! Also, LEGO James Bond is kinda-sorta a thing (thanks, internet)! Continue reading “Kyle Field Time Machine Shadowruns to WCW Summer PPVs – WIRed #47”

WCW’s Summertime Blues: The Great American Bash & Bash At The Beach

I remember my summer days as a youth: sleeping late during the week, playing outside (after being told to go outside while watching TV and playing video games, of course), going to the coast to check out the beach, and the fireworks on the Fourth of July.  As a young wrestling fan, the months of June through August had three summer-themed pay-per-views to watch for my viewing pleasure.  While SummerSlam was WWE’s only summer-themed PPV, WCW had two, back-to-back, summer-themed pay-per-views: The Great American Back in June and Bash At The Beach in July.   Continue reading “WCW’s Summertime Blues: The Great American Bash & Bash At The Beach”