Episode F-I-F-T-Y!!! FIFTY!!! – WIRed #50


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Nice Time for a “Black Saturday”: July 14, 1984


In a world — say it in “the voice” — in a world, where we attach colors to days of the week (Black Friday, Black Monday, Blue Monday, etc.), when you look into the world of professional wrestling, this phenomenon can be found referring to the day of July 14, 1984, nicknamed Black Saturday.  On that July evening, Vince McMahon’s World Wrestling Federation took over the time slot on Superstation WTBS, typically the home station for Georgia Championship Wrestling’s (GCW) flagship weekly program, World Championship Wrestling, for 12 years. Why a big deal, you ask? Well, when thinking about the infamous Monday Night Wars, this occurrence was its genesis; McMahon’s purchase of the time-slot led to a longstanding rivalry between himself and WTBS owner Ted Turner, resulted in Turner’s purchase of Jim Crockett Promotions (formally GCW) and turning it into his own promotion, World Championship Wrestling.

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