A Fuel Station & McDonalds. NO GOLDEN ARCHES?!?

I know what you’re thinking: Where. The. F*** (in all caps). Are. The. ARCHES?!?!  Don’t worry too much (just look a little closer); you can still enjoy — and I use that word loosely — your Big Mac and Quarter Pounders (or Royale) with cheese.  Movie references aside, this project is a Fuel Station (with an inclusion of the famous fast-food franchise) designed by Giorgi Khmaladze of Khmaladze Architects –hmmm– is located in one of the newly urbanized areas of Batumi, Georgia.  The building also features recreational spaces and a reflective pool; probably for working off all that fat and calories and to reflect on any possible guilt of not eating healthier food. Or not; no judging.   Continue reading “A Fuel Station & McDonalds. NO GOLDEN ARCHES?!?”