Bruno Mars AND Madison Square Garden paid tribute to the late, great Bruno Sammartino…

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Since his passing earlier this past Wednesday, the tributes keep pouring in for the WWE and New York sports great Bruno Sammartino. The well-wishes, prayers and condolences were coming in from nearly every who’s-who in the world of professional wrestling, including a 10-bell salute before WWE’s most recent show in South Africa. It’s fair to say that Sammartino’s influence extended FAR beyond the world of professional wrestling to the general entertainment world; enter Bruno Mars… Continue reading “Bruno Mars AND Madison Square Garden paid tribute to the late, great Bruno Sammartino…”

Studio LOKAL’s Hanging Gardens Tower Wins Copenhagen Residential Competition


Denmark-based Studio LOKAL has won the competition for the design of a residential tower in Copenhagen, with The Hanging Gardens, its proposal for a merger of the historic brick buildings of Carlsberg (which is also the site of a former vegetable market) with the concept of a personal garden for each resident. The project — with construction set to start in April of 2017 — also has the concept of encouraging residents to grow their own produce in one of the tower’s gardens, a method of returning to homegrown roots. Continue reading “Studio LOKAL’s Hanging Gardens Tower Wins Copenhagen Residential Competition”

Casa do Laranjal by Rmk! Arquitetura

© Matheus Costa

This single level home is built upon a 9688 square-foot lot, and is located on Laranjal beach along the banks of the Lagoa dos Patos, roughly 9.321 miles Pelotas, Rio Grande do Sul. But what makes this building special is its solar orientation, meaning that the house’s main body unfolds on the rear of the lot, towards the garden on the property. Much of the home’s volume is supported on concrete columns that are elevated in relation to the garden level. The home contains a large glass area in the living room, while the bedroom areas can be shielded by wooden panels for the purpose of ventilation, opacity and privacy. Continue reading “Casa do Laranjal by Rmk! Arquitetura”

The Conservative Conservatory by Lorenzo Alvarez Arquitectos

© Onnis Luque

This structure by Lorenzo Alvarez Arquitectos is a conservatory for plants and people, including a lookout onto the garden and the night sky while being sheltered from the elements. It serves as an extension to a rural retreat, providing space for a growing family with a living room and special space for growing and enjoying plants from other climates. The building is light and transparent, organized into five glass-panelled rooms, and finished with utility areas in two Stone volumes. Continue reading “The Conservative Conservatory by Lorenzo Alvarez Arquitectos”

This Spanish City Planted “Moving Gardens” On Its Buses

With the recent rise of environmental awareness, green projects like vertical gardens, urban farming, and guerrilla gardening are a few phenomena that have come up to counter the vastness of the typical concrete jungle of a metropolitan area.  Due to the green movement community vastly increasing, landscape artist Marc Grañén and Grupo IRACO decided to take the movement to another level by using vehicle roofs as flower beds and turn unused space into little green oases. Continue reading “This Spanish City Planted “Moving Gardens” On Its Buses”

Do Some ‘Reflecting’ at the Cairns Botanic Gardens Visitors Centre…

See what I did there?

Anyway, this building, the Cairns Botanic Gardens Visitors Centre — winner of the Building of the Year and Public Architecture Awards in 2012 from the Australian Institute of Architects in Queensland — was set out to be a progressive and green building that moved away from conventional building vernaculars.  It also aimed to attract national and international audiences and create new opportunities and connections to existing facilities, communities and groups in the location. Continue reading “Do Some ‘Reflecting’ at the Cairns Botanic Gardens Visitors Centre…”