The Predator is coming to “Ghost Recon: Wildlands.” Yes, You Read That Correct…

…and yes, he’s one, UGLY, motherf***er!

Now that I have that quote out of the way, starting TODAY (December 14th) and running through the beginning of January, the Predator, Hollywood’s most-popular alien hunter from John McTiernan’s 1987 sci-fi film (ya’ know, Predator), will be part of a special FREE downloadable content challenge in Ghost Recon: Wildlands where players — either alone or as a groups of up to four — have to fight to survive the hunter’s aggressive onslaught in order to take him down. Should you and/or your team defeat the Predator, you’ll receive his iconic mask (dreadlocks included) and corresponding heat vision. SCORE! Continue reading “The Predator is coming to “Ghost Recon: Wildlands.” Yes, You Read That Correct…”

When a Public Library in Wisconsin hosts a Pro Wrestling Show…

Those of use who have attended professional wrestling events are accustomed to them being hosted in from football stadiums, basketball/hockey arenas and local gymnasiums.  I for one have attended wrestling shows in parking lots, carnivals/fairs, VFW halls, stage theaters, night clubsand bar/grill restaurants, and these locations are very creative from a logistical point-of-view. It really rings true that pro wrestling can really work anywhere, and it seems that the Milwaukee Public Library are believers (or BO-Lievers) in that philosophy, too. Continue reading “When a Public Library in Wisconsin hosts a Pro Wrestling Show…”

Bethesda’s Brink, Released in 2011, Is Now Free-To-Play

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I played a bit of Brink back in the day, and I found it mixture of multiplayer gun-play with a single-player narrative very interesting and intriguing (mainly as I was selective and hesitant of what games I played online back then), along with its addition of parkour and its levels set on floating cities. If that sounds like something you’d want to try out, then I have great news for you: the Bethesda-published, Splash-Damage-developed game—originally released in 2011—is now free-to-play on Steam. The thing is, no one (outside of Bethesda and possibly Valve) knows why. Continue reading “Bethesda’s Brink, Released in 2011, Is Now Free-To-Play”

The MucoJet, for Needle-Free, Painless Vaccinations…

Injections for vaccinations, while saving the lives of millions of people from common sicknesses and diseases, are still pretty painful; particularly for younger children who are most at risk of diseases. That might change within the next ten years, thanks to researchers in Dorian Liepmann’s lab at the University of California, Berkeley, who’ve developed the MucoJet. The creation is a needle-free, pill-sized, 3D-printed device that shoots a stream of vaccine into the tissue of the cheek, making vaccinations practically painless. Continue reading “The MucoJet, for Needle-Free, Painless Vaccinations…”

FotoJet, an AWESOMELY Simple (& Free) Web-Based Photo Editing Suite

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There exist many photo editing programs, both online-based and offline-based.  In a sea of options, I wanted to see what made PearlMountain Technology Company’s FotoJet a practical online photo editing program. It must be said that it certainly helps to have had some experience with other photo editing products before jumping into any program of that type. Fortunately for newcomers, that won’t apply for FotoJet, as it lets you edit photos, create collages, make photo cards, posters and practically anything else with the greatest of ease, which — in my mind — makes it one of the best free online photo editors/collage maker available today. Continue reading “FotoJet, an AWESOMELY Simple (& Free) Web-Based Photo Editing Suite”

“PDFConverter Free Converter Tool” Quick Review

Create and convert PDF to Word, Excel, Powerpoint online free  #pdf:

Back in the day (which I’m targeting at between 2003 and 2014), I remember using a number of programs and services to create PDFs from Microsoft Office (back when I USED to use it) files – from Word, Excel and PowerPoint – to creating Office files in those formats FROM a PDF file (which was a nightmare in many cases). Since I’ve moved to Google Drive exclusively as my office suite, I’ve had no issues translating Drive files to PDFs, but back in my days of using Office on an everyday basis, it can be best described as a coin toss in terms of PDF conversions working well. I was recently contacted by a representative from a company that offers a free, web-based PDF converter called, well,; which not only converts Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint files to PDFs, but ALSO converts from PDFs to those Microsoft Office files. After some quick testing with some older Office files I have and a work computer that was running Office 2007, I was left very impressed. Continue reading ““PDFConverter Free Converter Tool” Quick Review”

Watch the entire ‘Gravity Rush: The Overture Animation’ Anime for FREE!

Before you step back into the world of Gravity Rush, check out this two-part, 17-minute Gravity Rush the Animation ~Overture~, which takes place between 2012’s Gravity Rush (which was AWESOME on the PS Vita and PS4) and the upcoming Gravity Rush 2 for the PS4.  For players familiar with the franchise’s first physics-defying action title, they’ll recognize series characters Kat and Raven, who are present and star in the animation. Gravity Rush the Animation ~Overture~ fills in their story following Gravity Rush’s cliffhanger ending. Continue reading “Watch the entire ‘Gravity Rush: The Overture Animation’ Anime for FREE!”

Here’s MORE Free Online Architecture Courses from World-Class Universitites!

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About two-and-a-half years ago, The PractitioNERD released a blog post about some free architecture courses offered by MIT, TU Delft, edX and the Open Online Academy. Basically, if you want to continue learning about the world of architecture without forking over the dough for a  master’s or a doctorate, this is a good way to go.  Essentially, taking short-term courses remotely have become popular worldwide as educational alternatives as they make it easier to dive into the varied topics these coursed cover, thanks to platforms like edX (offered by Harvard and MIT).  Continue reading “Here’s MORE Free Online Architecture Courses from World-Class Universitites!”

Ever Heard of ‘Gravit,’ the Free Browser-Based Alternative to Adobe Illustrator & Fireworks?

Have you ever found yourself in need to create a logo, website mockup, or any variant of a digital illustration, but you don’t have the cash to buy expensive software from Adobe? Well, I’ve got some great news for you! Let me introduce you Gravit, a robust illustration program that works in your browser, so you DON’T need to download ANY software!

Continue reading “Ever Heard of ‘Gravit,’ the Free Browser-Based Alternative to Adobe Illustrator & Fireworks?”